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Jack Horner: Core trail is for bikers

As the manager of a small business on west U.S. Highway 40, I can say from experience, traffic has always been a thorny issue. Now, with the new construction, it is stop and go, bumper to bumper in both directions. This creates waits and problems for all drivers, especially individuals merging into traffic with trucks and trailers. It is an inconvenience we must accept.

However, there is another issue that is confusing and irritating. We have spent many, many taxpayer dollars building a bike path running from Shield Drive to east of downtown. This bike path is one-half to one block away from U.S. 40. Why must we accept verbal and visual abuse from bicyclists because we are in our vehicle on the shoulder of U.S. 40 trying to merge into traffic.

Go ride on the bike path. That is what we built it for. It is dangerous enough just trying to merge into traffic without having to deal with these riders and their rude, privileged attitudes. Sure does cause the blood pressure to rise.

Jack Horner

Steamboat Springs

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