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Jack Gutschenritter: Wolf in sheep’s skin

Jack Gutschenritter

I just drove half way across the country to Colorado listening to Sirius XM radio, something new for me. I am writing today because a station named Patriot on the radio just blew me away with the lies and distortions endorsed by the radio show hosts and believed by the people calling in. While the people calling in seemed to be of low intellect, the hosts were not. They seemed mean, defensive and rude. I listened for at least 12 of my 24 hours in the car to really see what was going on. What they were espousing completely was aligned with Republican rhetoric. This apparently is a Republican news outlet. I absolutely was in awe that the Republican machine thinks it is good for this country to be so deceitful and misleading to our fellow Americans.

Don't most people know about Karl Rove's strategy to propagate Republicanism? These three steps were the idea of Karl Rove and are part of his stated strategy for beating Democrats in elections:

  1. Create distortions of the truth to make your point, but make them believable to nondiscriminating listeners.

  2. Repeat the distortions often and everywhere so that undiscriminating people begin to believe them. Electronic media is preferred.

  3. Attack Democrats for lying and distorting the truth.

This strategy, by design, leads to confusion about what the truth really is. Continuing to repeat the distortions eventually wins over nondiscriminating people. Rove's Crossroads GPS receives lots of money from Republicans and the Republican Party specifically to produce and disseminate the distortions. He is on top of his job. To my knowledge, there is no Democratic equivalent.

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Ignorance of the strategy can lead to people believing and following people who are in fact their greatest enemy in disguise. This seemingly is becoming the story of the wolf in sheep's skin. People actually are being influenced. How people who claim to love this country can do this to America and call themselves patriotic makes me furious. I hope sideline observers get angry enough to be moved to activism.

So what is the truth?

I cannot possibly un-distort the truth in every distortion I have heard, but I urge everyone to seek the truth when they hear something that seems unbelievable. There are plenty of websites that make sport out of investigating statements by politicians of any party, investigating the truth, documenting it and rating the truth of the statement. Most newspapers also have "Pants on Fire" lie detectors that do the same thing in print media.

The latest convention-time distortion are Romney's welfare attack ads, which were rated "Pants on Fire Lie" by Politifact, and "4 Pinocchios" by the Washington Post. If you are reading about unemployment attacks, check the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for the truth.

Of greatest concern to me is that on the first day of Obama's term, Republican leadership publicly announced that everything they do for the next four years would be to ensure Obama was not re-elected. At the time, I thought to myself, why? This is not in the best interest of the American people. This is a self-serving political view being pursued at the expense of all Americans.

Four years later, look what transpired:

■ Aid to small businesses bill was blocked by Republicans.

■ Bank-reform bill was blocked by Republicans.

■ Campaign disclosure bill was blocked by Republicans.

■ Jobs bill in Senate was blocked by Republicans.

■ Bill to end tax breaks for companies sending jobs off-shore was blocked by Republicans.

■ Wall Street reform bill was blocked by Republicans.

■ Small business lending bill was blocked by Republicans.

The list goes on, but I have used up my word limit for a letter to the editor. But note how closely this list matches Republican rhetoric at the Republican National Convention about where Democrats failed. The wolf in sheep's skin.

Jack Gutschenritter

Steamboat Springs

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