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J4 Junior Olympics showing excites coach

Improvement was what Alpine skiing coach Jeff Hostetler hoped to see at this year's J4 Junior Olympics, and the young athletes from the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club gave him plenty to watch last week in Winter Park.

"Most of these kids had to work super hard just to qualify for the Junior Olympics," Hostetler said. "To see them ski up and hit several 'Bibbo' awards in some of the individual races is really inspiring. They definitely didn't let their late starts or some of the tough racing conditions get in the way of top-shelf performance and winning attitude. I was proud of them all."

The "Bibbo" awards are given to the skiers who move up the furthest from their starting position to the final results. Hostetler had hoped to see his skiers move up, and several of them came through moving up two full seeds from where they started the race.

"This typically indicates major improvement and output between the qualifier races held back in February and the Junior Olympic events," Hostetler said. "This is very impressive and encouraging."

Steamboat's Zachary Rosa won the "Bibbo" award in the boys class by moving up 41 places in the first giant slalom race and 39 places in the second. He also advanced 30 spots in the first slalom race and 46 spots in the second. Teammate Jett Seymour also had a strong week, moving up 35 places in the first giant slalom and 48 places in the second. He also moved up 30 places in the second slalom run to finish third in the race.

Steamboat Spring ski racer McKenzie Millard finished second in the race for the girls "Bib­bo" award to Ski Club Vail's Han­nah Clauss. Millard moved up 14 places in the super-G, 28 places in the first giant slalom, 28 in the second giant slalom, 31 in the first slalom and 35 in the final event Sunday.

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Hostetler said the improvements show that the young Steamboat skiers have progressed through the winter and all of them have a bright future in ski racing.

The Rocky/Central J4 Junior Olympic Championships took place at the Winter Park Ski Resort from March 16 to 20 and included a super-G, two separately scored giant slalom runs and two separately scored slalom runs for racers ages 11 and 12.

The Steamboat girls were led by Ellese Lupori's 17th-place finish in the super-G, 13th-place finish in the second giant slalom, and 20th- and 12th- place finishes in the slalom races. Teammate Mackenzie Gansmann and Lupori tied for the top Steam­boat results in the first run of the giant slalom — Gansmann also was 18th.

Matthew White led the Steamboat boys results with an 18th in the super-G, and 17th in the first run of the giant slalom. He also collected a 21st-place finish in the second run of giant slalom. Rosa shined in the slalom races, placing 33rd in first run and moving up to 17th place in the second slalom.

Hostetler said the Junior Olympic races were the highlight of the season for his young racers, but the athletes will have a coupe more opportunities to race this season. Some of them will head to Vail on April 10 and 11 for a new event called the GS Spectacular. The racers also will head to the Loveland Ski Area on April 17 and 18 for the annual Loveland Derby.

J4 Junior Olympic Championships results

Winter Park Ski Resort

March 16 to 20

Steamboat Springs finishers

■ Girls


17. Ellese Lupori (1:03.4)

22. Mackenzie Gansmann (1:04.2)

31. Carolyn Walters (1:06.8)

40. Avery Welsh (1:08.5)

52. McKenzie Millard (1:09.8)

69. Kristen Kinzie (1:17.0)

Giant slalom a.m.

13. Ellese Lupori (1:04.1)

22. Mackenzie Gansmann (1:05.8)

30. Avery Welsh (1:07.6)

37. Kristen Kinzie (1:08.6)

40. McKenzie Millard (1:09.1)

44. Carolyn Walters (1:09.4)

Giant slalom p.m.

18. Ellese Lupori (1:03.1)

18. Mackenzie Gansmann ( 1:03.1)

28. Kristen Kinzie (1:06.4)

37. Avery Welsh (1:07.4)

41. Carolyn Walters (1:07.9)

43. McKenzie Millard (1:08.1)

Slalom a.m.

20. Ellese Lupori (44.33)

24. Avery Welsh (44.74)

30. Mackenzie Gansmann (45.63)

39. McKenzie Millard (46.90)

51. Carolyn Walters (48.25)

56. Kristen Kinzie (48.88)

Slalom p.m.

12. Ellese Lupori (44.54)

22. Avery Welsh (46.82)

26. Mackenzie Gansmann (47.20)

34. McKenzie Millard (48.36)

38. Kristen Kinzie (48.71)

40. Carolyn Walters (49.21)

■ Boys


18. Matthew White (1:02.5)

34. Jett Seymour (1:04.9)

39. Zachary Rosa (1:05.8)

Giant slalom a.m.

17. Matthew White (1:03.1)

22. Zachary Rosa (1:03.7)

35. Jett Seymour (1:04.9)

Giant slalom p.m.

21. Matthew White (1:04.5)

22. Jett Seymour (1:04.6)

24. Zachary Rosa (1:04.8)

Slalom a.m.

33. Zachary Rosa (42.24)

35. Matthew White (42.56)

DSQ. Jett Seymour

Slalom p.m.

17. Zachary Rosa (41.84)

33. Matthew White (43.37)

41. Jett Seymour (44.44)

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