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Irene Nelson

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Irene Nelson: Untimely demise

Another untimely demise of a landmark …

I just heard that Checkpoint Charlie fell unceremoniously to the wrecking ball last week in a ceremony heralding the rebirth of the base area. And there were cheers.

This structure was always an anachronism. Built in the late ’70s, early ’80s with a noble purpose, it was to be a personal welcome and a guiding beacon to those unfamiliar with the layout of the base area, where the best bar was, where the best burgers were, where their condo might be. Alas, the cost of staffing this building proved to be more than anticipated and the building was deemed an economic debacle and sat unloved for decades. I fondly remember Alan Barbee building a darn good replica for one of the more memorable Cardboard Classics.

What I am wondering is: Where are you now, Checkpoint Charlie? Are you in a landfill? Was there no one who would have loved having you as … A child’s playhouse? A toolshed? A secret hideaway?

Did anybody ask?

Irene Nelson

Steamboat Springs