Irene Nelson: Alley construction |

Irene Nelson: Alley construction

Native Excavating will be starting construction Monday in the alley between Oak Street and Lincoln Avenue. There was a meeting Thursday explaining some of the logistics involved for the adjacent property owners and businesses. I think the main eye-opener at the meeting was the issue of connecting the new sanitary and storm sewer lines to all of the existing storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines … some of which may be as old as the sanitary sewer, which is amazingly more than 100 years old. I think that all of the property owners involved need to know that Native Excavating will replace their old sanitary and storm sewer lines simultaneously, which will save the property owner time and money and the stress of problems that could occur in the future. Call them at 970-879-6238 for details. 

Irene Nelson

Steamboat Springs

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