Hunt of the Week: Jon Wade |

Hunt of the Week: Jon Wade

Jon Wade with the elk he shot Oct. 21.

Age: Stopped counting

Occupation: Broker owner at Colorado Group Real Estate

Years hunting: 30 or so

Club measurement (i.e. Boone and Crockett or SCI): Not measured

Weapon used: Browning BAR 7 mm Magnum

Distance out: Scoped at 268 yards, and then he started jogging farther away.

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Time and date: About 7:25 a.m. Oct. 21

Area (public or private and GMU): Area 214 on private land

Hunt details: I saw a herd of about 80 elk as I came over a rise and scoped him with my rangefinder at 268 yards. Then they started to move. I couldn't see him when I sat down to get a better shot, and then I stood up and got an offhand shot at him with my 7 mm Magnum from 275 yards or so while he was just short of running, all in about 10 seconds or so. I haven't shot more than two to five rounds a year for 20 years, but that day was my lucky day, and reflexes were on my side. The bullet got the top inch of his heart and at least one lung.

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