Howard Bashinski: Contrary to ideals |

Howard Bashinski: Contrary to ideals

Howard Bashinski

Recent statements by law enforcement officials that they will not enforce certain laws are an affront to democracy.

The foundations of a democratic form of government are that everyone gets one vote, and the majority "rules." We learned this in kindergarten when the teacher asked for a show of hands to make a choice between the playground and a movie.

It's tough to be in the minority, but that's the way democracy works. If it is OK to choose those democratically made choices by which we will we abide and those by which we won't, then what is the point of the democratic process?

Those charged with enforcing the law cannot choose which laws they will enforce as if there were some "enforcement buffet." I understand that law enforcement agencies have to prioritize based on resources and other logistical considerations. However, declaring categorically that there are laws they will not enforce because they disagree with them is irresponsible and contrary to the ideals of the democratic process.

Howard Bashinski

Oak Creek

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