Horse was shot near Phippsburg on Tuesday |

Horse was shot near Phippsburg on Tuesday

A Phippsburg woman is looking for answers this week, days after her horse was apparently shot to death in her pasture.

Justine Ager told Routt County Sheriff's Office deputies that she suspects her 17-year-old horse, Cadillac, was shot and killed Tuesday in a pasture near Routt County roads 15 and 19, south of Phippsburg.

"We found a bullet hole right behind his jawline," she said. "I was emotionally upset about it. When my dad told me he was shot, I was sick to my stomach. I cannot believe it, and for my sake I hope it was an accident. That's how I'm coping with it."

She said her family is offering an unspecified amount of cash as a reward for any information that could help identify a suspect.

Deputies are investigating the horse's death, and their initial report indicates the horse was likely shot because they found an exit point for the puncture wound on his neck.

Deputies were unable to find any shell casings or evidence that would indicate what type of weapon may have been used.

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Undersheriff Ray Birch said the incident is rare for the county.

"I would say that in the last 10 years, there are about four or five incidents of horses being shot that I'm familiar with," he said. "They don't happen frequently, and there is no real specific pattern."

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