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Kristin Bjornsen

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HiWay Bar targeted again

More than $1,200 was stolen from a cash drawer at the HiWay Bar early this week.

The money was taken sometime between midnight Monday, when the bar at 136 E. Jefferson Ave. closed, and 8 a.m., when the bar’s owner, Fawna Odom, discovered it missing from the cash drawer.

Police think the burglar picked the bar’s backdoor lock, Hayden Police Chief Jody Lenahan said. Lenahan demonstrated the ease of such a feat by picking the lock with his pocketknife.

Officers are investigating the burglary and will not say if they have any suspects.

This is the second burglary at the HiWay Bar in the past year, Odom said. More than $2,500 was stolen in fall 2003, and the perpetrator was never caught.

“I feel like it’s the same person this time who did it last time,” Odom said.

In the midst of the bar’s slow season and during hard economic times, Odom said the burglary could not have happened at a worse time.

“That’s a lot of money in this neck of the woods,” she said. “I mean, if they needed money, they could have just asked me, and I would have given it to them.”

Odom now plans to change the bar’s locks and improve the security system.

“It’s kind of discouraging me because we’ve never had problems like this before, but this is the second time this has happened,” Odom said. “It’s such a little town, and it’s getting kind of out of hand.”

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