Guy Lothian: Poem about Storm Peak |

Guy Lothian: Poem about Storm Peak

A tidal surge of wind 

Washes over Storm Peak

It's contoured flow

Conjures snow into

Dreamlike shapes that

Emerge from the fog.

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The wind cascades

Onto the 

Confectionary pines of 

Morningside where

Shadows flare

As hungry jays

Land on your 

outstretched hand.

The pines heavy with snow fly Pennants of frozen smoke

As they sway to the wind's Fury.

Storm peak, a broken space,

A bent science,

Fills our silence

And dissolves our


Leaving us adrift 

In a sea of altitude.

This storm emerged from our bones, 

from our resolve,

And the peak from the echo of our


It was thrust up by geologic ritual

Leaving us sentenced to 

granite and 

moored to ice.

We emerge from a

bastion of wind

And veil of storm to 

a valley stage lit 

and remote

Spilled from the


We trade the heavy

Coat of gravity 

For the

Hypnosis of


Guy Lothian

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