Hunting Guide


120-acre donation provides public land connectivity in California Park

Private landowners gave the property to the U.S. Forest Service at the end of 2012. Forest Service officials say they'll now be able to more effectively manage wildlife species such as native cutthrout trout that live in some of the streams in California Park.

Tease photo

Buffalo Pass Road closure won't be a welcome sight to hunters

Beginning Sept. 18, the popular road for hunters, campers and fall foliage seekers will be closed at the Dry Lake Campground gate. The closure is expected to last six to eight weeks.

Half the harvest

Through two of the fall's big game rifle seasons, hunters gauge success, eye early migrations

High-country hunting may have taken a brief break during this past week's five-day hiatus between the second and third deer and elk rifle seasons, but that's when the craziness began for the butchers at Steamboat Meat & Seafood Company.

Premier hunting

Elk licenses may be harder to come by

As the region's elk population reaches an optimal size, it could become harder to get an elk-hunting license.

From the field to the table

Hunters rejoice. Now that you've caught your wild game, all that's left to do is get it ready for cooking.

Don't shoot a moose

(Without a license)

Reintroduced to Colorado 28 years ago, moose are thriving in many parts of the state. Elk hunters need to be sure to know the difference between these two ungulates. A hunter who mistakes a bull moose for a bull elk can be fined more than $1,000.

Buckskin Network keeps hunters in touch

The Buckskin Network is a unique program between law enforcement and news media to assist hunters and their families.

Taxidermy: the ultimate art form

Gary Troester is an artist. Instead of using paintbrushes, chalk or acrylics, Troester uses glass eyeballs, thread and animal hides to create his masterpieces.

How far from here to there?

Rangefinders help answer important questions for hunters

The days when big game hunters had to rely entirely on dead reckoning to determine the distance to a trophy bull elk are long gone. Affordable laser rangefinders have taken much of the guesswork out of one of the most critical judgments a hunter needs to make.

Learn to use ATVs properly

The number of all-terrain vehicles used during hunting season has been increasing steadily during the past five years. Although the vehicles can be useful tools to aid a hunt, many hunters are using them improperly and causing a variety of problems.

Camouflage helps hunters blend in

Successful hunters say the secret to their success is how well they're disguised in the habitat.

Elk aren't the only game in town

Deer also popular targets

Northwest Colorado has built a reputation for trophy elks, but hunters are discovering that this area also offers great opportunities for deer.

Hunters find better accuracy with their own ammo

Hunters looking for an advantage may discover that loading their own ammunition can increase accuracy just enough to bag that long sought-after trophy.

Bow hunting offers challenge

For Alan Nielsen, getting close to a deer or elk is the thrill of a lifetime that separates bow hunting from other types of hunting. "You're so limited as far as range," he said. "You have to be that much closer, quieter and sneakier."

Accidents happen

Gear, keeping calm are keys to survival

Most hunters have enough experience in the backcountry to keep from getting lost. They know the basics, such as being familiar with an area before setting off on a big trip and keeping fresh on their orienteering skills.