Governor lifts statewide fire ban, but restrictions stay in place for Routt |

Governor lifts statewide fire ban, but restrictions stay in place for Routt

— Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision to lift a statewide fire ban on Sunday won’t ease the stringent burn restrictions still in place for Routt County.

“It really doesn’t mean anything for us,” Routt County Emergency Management Director Bob Struble said about the removal of the governor’s ban. “We’ll stay in Stage 2 (fire restrictions). We recently went from extreme to exceptional drought. One or two rainstorms won’t get us out of this.”

He said a fire started by a lightning strike Saturday morning on Buffalo Pass showed how dry Routt County remains and how susceptible it is to dangerous fires. The U.S. Forest Service quickly extinguished that fire, and no fires were reported in Routt County on Sunday afternoon.

Stage 2 fire restrictions

Stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect for all lands, public and private, throughout Routt County.

What’s prohibited under Stage 2 restrictions:

■ Open flames, including campfires, stove fires and use of charcoal grills. The use of propane grills is allowed.

■ Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building.

■ Possessing or using fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices, including tracer ammunition.

■ Using explosives, including targets that could explode.

■ Using any internal or external combustion engines (such as chain saws) without a properly working spark arrester.

■ Possessing or using a vehicle off road except when parking in areas cleared of vegetation.

■ Welding or operating an acetylene or torch with an open flame.

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