Gloria James: Humble outrage |

Gloria James: Humble outrage

I am outraged by your article titled "Judges support Humble Ranch" that appeared in the March 24 Steamboat Today. I think it is biased against the Trousils and Humble Ranch. Humble Ranch is not a dude ranch; it is an education and therapy center, which the article mentioned in only one sentence. In the past, the Steamboat Today has printed many excellent articles about the work Humble Ranch does, but none of that information was used. As a former volunteer (for five years) at the ranch, I know firsthand what excellent work they do. They have served hundreds — probably over a thousand by now — clients in Northwest Colorado.

Since I am not affiliated with the ranch now, I would be considered part of "the public." I see no reason whatsoever why I should have access to their property — much less to expect to use a cabin on their land — especially if it might interfere with their therapy programs.

Each therapy session requires a great deal of concentration on the part of all involved. It would be extremely distracting to have people trooping or riding by while therapy is in session.

I think you owe Humble Ranch an apology, and you owe the public a clear, unbiased explanation of the issues. You might try quoting from the judges' ruling.

Gloria James

Steamboat Springs

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