Glenn Gallegos: Experience makes me the best candidate |

Glenn Gallegos: Experience makes me the best candidate

As we move into the last days of this political season, I want to call to your attention to the race for the University of Colorado Board of Regents for the 3rd Congressional District. This seat is often overshadowed by the other local, state and national elections, but I want to share with you why this seat is important to Western Colorado and the entire 3rd Congressional District and why I have chosen to run for this open seat.

The University of Colorado belongs to the entire state, including the people of the 3rd Congressional District, and your elected regent serves as the people's representative to the university. Regents make decisions related to an almost $3 billion budget; set yearly tuitions; add or eliminate degrees and degree programs; oversee the four CU campuses; set strategic goals and direction for the future; represent the families and students of their congressional district; and decide on tenure.

As your regent I will ensure that CU remains affordable and accessible and that the opportunity for our kids to attend this fine university is there. With its resources and expertise, CU can play a large role in the towns and cities of the 3rd Congressional District. For instance, it is a partner in a very effective pre-collegiate program in the Roaring Fork Valley, it supports the John McConnell Western Colorado Math and Science Center, and in partnership with Colorado Mesa University, it has established an engineering program at CMU. CU also is active in supporting hospitals and clinics throughout the 3rd Congressional District.

With good representation and ensuring that good ideas are fostered and shared, I think many other partnerships in our towns and cities in the 3rd Congressional District are possible. I have been active in moving some of above-mentioned projects forward as a member of the Colorado Mesa University board of trustees. The University of Colorado is critical to health care and public education in Colorado. CU is a leading research university in the nation and trains nurses, doctors, dentists, researchers and other health care professionals. It is difficult to go to a health care provider in the state without seeing the impact that CU has in this field. CU impacts public education in Colorado and provides students with the skills needed in the job market and in attracting new companies, new jobs and new dollars to the entire state. This regent position needs someone who understands the complexity of the state's educational system and has a business background to make decisions on behalf of the university.

I have the experience, knowledge and passion to represent the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District, the people of Colorado and the University of Colorado. I have 26 years of public education experience as a teacher, coach, principal and assistant superintendent in Eagle and Mesa counties. I have 15 years of experience in a successful family construction business, the Gallegos Corp., where we employed almost 1,000 people in five western states. In addition, I was a member of the board of trustees at Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College.

I have worked with balancing budgets in the public and private sector, on the construction of new facilities to meet the needs of a growing university, and with legislators to change policies and procedures at the state level. I have re-worked the tenure policy, added and deleted programs based on criteria and accountability, helped set yearly tuition and instituted procedures to hire the best and brightest leaders. In addition, I have the endorsement and full support of Tillie Bishop, who is stepping down from this regent position and asks that you give your full support to my candidacy. I personally want to thank Tillie for his support and the many years of service to the citizens of the state and, in particular, Western Colorado.

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Finally, my passion for education and for helping students and families stems from growing up in a family with meager resources. I know firsthand the impact that an education has on an individual, their family, the community and the state. Hopefully you now realize the importance of this regent position and why I am qualified to represent you. I ask for your vote and support.

Glenn Gallegos is the Republican candidate for the University of Colorado Board of Regents' 3rd Congressional District seat. He lives in Grand Junction. Learn more at

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