George Danellis: Climate change |

George Danellis: Climate change

The whole world is watching the United Nations in Copenhagen as world leaders build the framework for an international treaty to address climate change. The Obama administration must take a firm stand in moving climate negotiations forward when he attends the talks later this week.

The United States has shown that it wants to address climate change by electing a president who is deeply committed to the same goal. President Barack Obama has shown he wants to meet that goal by placing highly knowledgeable and equally committed individuals in his administration. He has called for a significant agreement that will begin to immediately fight the ravages of climate change. Now he can prove to us and the rest of the world that he understands how dire the consequences of inaction will be.

The world will follow America's lead on this issue; we must seize the opportunity of passing effective, bold new federal policy if we want to finally solve the problem of climate change, drive innovation that Americans are known for, and create millions of good-paying, clean-energy jobs in the process.

If America leads, the rest of the world will follow, and we will have a good chance of adequately tackling the issue of climate change. But President Obama must act boldly.

George Danellis

Steamboat Springs

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