Gene Cook: Great fishing demise |

Gene Cook: Great fishing demise

Every time I come home from fishing on the Yampa, I intend to write this letter. Perhaps now is the right time.

I have fished the Yampa for the 58 years that I have lived in the community. Now, I am completely puzzled by the river. Historically, I have found rising trout all along in the river at various times during the day from midsummer to early winter. It has been very productive for the dry fly addict.

Now, I find no activity in the river. Nothing, zilch, zero, nada. Have the pike eaten all of the trout? I still consider the pike to be a trash fish, fit for nothing. The days of the blue ribbon trout stream must be all behind us.

With the frenetic operation of the Steamboat Springs Chamber to bring in more spenders of any kind, surely we can have a productive recreational floating business and a great trout fishing stream, too. In the past, regular restocking has been done. Now I see no evidence of such replenishment.

What has happened to the restocking activity? Can someone who understands the river advise me and reassure other dry fly fishermen? Time is passing, and the word about our great fishing demise will be out. I hope that doesn't have to be.

Gene Cook

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