Gary W. Junek: Considering pot shops |

Gary W. Junek: Considering pot shops

Gary W. Junek

As the Steamboat Springs City Council considers the areas to allow marijuana shops, I thought I would share one property owner's perspective.

As with many others, we fell in love with Steamboat and visit as often as we can in both the winter and summer. It is a perfect place to relax and bring family and friends. While I understand the will of the Colorado people to allow marijuana sales, I also have to consider the best interest of my family.

I will admit that I am conservative and teach my kids traditional values, including the negative consequences of using drugs. I do not want them exposed to marijuana shops or the pungent smell of the product when in Steamboat just as I do not want them exposed to it in our own neighborhood.

Part of the charm of Steamboat is its Western heritage and down-to-earth values. These attributes separate it from most other resort towns. Marijuana may bring increased tax revenues, but it also will bring the associated crime, characters and other negative behaviors.

I would suggest that you take into consideration the tourists who come to Steamboat and the out-of-town property owners and keep this product as far away as possible from these folks that support the local economy. Otherwise, as the old saying goes, people may vote with their feet.

Gary W. Junek

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