Gary Reynolds: Rules need to be made |

Gary Reynolds: Rules need to be made

Dear editor,

I walk the Yampa River Core Trail almost every day and this week, just east of Mount Werner Circle, there has been a cow and calf moose hanging around on the other side of the river most of the week bothering no one.

Sunday morning when I was walking, a local sponsored hot air balloon dropped down within about 50 feet of the cow and calf so they could take pictures. This scared the moose and forced them to cross the river and then attempt to cross U.S. Highway 40. It took several attempts because of all the traffic.

Now they are in the neighborhoods where there could be conflicts. After last week's separation of a cow elk and her calves, this puts them in the same position as the elk because of someone who comes to town once a year.

On my way back home, there was a balloon right in the middle of Routt County 14 blocking traffic. Does the permit for this event let them do whatever they want? I understand our town caters to the tourist, but at what price? There needs to be some rules on what these people can and can't do, and harassing wildlife and landing on county roads should not be allowed!

Gary Reynolds

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