Gary Burkholder: Feelings of gratitude |

Gary Burkholder: Feelings of gratitude

— On June 25 I represented the American Legion in a memorial service for a deceased veteran at Oak Creek Cemetery. I was a little concerned about the noise from the Triple Crown baseball games drifting over the cemetery during the service. As fate would have it, there seemed to be a pause between innings just as the singer sang her hymn. Then I noticed the team in the red-and-white uniforms took to the field. We raised our hands to salute the flag, and the bugler started playing "Taps." As he did, every young man on that field removed his cap and stood at attention facing the flag.

I may be the only one in the service who noticed this because the other attendees had their backs to the field, but it made me very grateful for these young men.

I went to the dugout after the ceremony to thank these young men for what they had done. I lost control of my emotions as I was thanking their coach, and I had to leave. I found out the team was from Fort Collins, and as I was leaving I noticed they were coming off the field. For a moment I thought of returning to thank them personally, but I decided to not interfere.

I hope this is read by a member of the Fort Collins team and that my feelings of gratitude are expressed to the team.

Gary Burkholder


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