Gail Kellogg: Reminder of dryer safety |

Gail Kellogg: Reminder of dryer safety

I read of a dryer fire in town and am writing to give a warning to all readers.

Recently, I had my dryer serviced because it wasn't heating. Thank goodness for that symptom because it got my attention.

Two problems: the fuse was not working, and the hose out the back of the gas dryer was smashed and not venting. (I'd pushed the dryer too close to the wall.) Lint had accumulated in the outside vent, and inside the dryer, the lint build-up was very close to the gas flame. The ACE repairman replaced the fuse, cleaned the lint from the inside, replaced the smashed vent hose to the wall and cleaned the vent to the outside. He said it was very close to catching fire. Indeed!

Thus, this safety reminder to users of gas dryers to keep the hose vent open from the dryer to the wall and from the wall to the outside.

Gail Kellogg

Steamboat Springs

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