From Verne Lundquist to Buffy the Tire Slayer: Buffalo Pass trail name ideas run the gamut |

From Verne Lundquist to Buffy the Tire Slayer: Buffalo Pass trail name ideas run the gamut

Brad Charlesworth takes a bike ride up Buffalo Pass to Summit Lake in September 2013.

Trail name finalists

Painter’s Pathway

“This trail should be named Painter’s Pathway because when I looked at a picture, it showed me the trees in the fall were different colors. It looked as if each tree was painted with a different color. In the winter, the trees and ground are painted white. In the summer, they are painted green. In the spring, the forest gets splattered with different colors. On the ground, there are flowers which a painter creates and paints. The rivers, lake, and ponds are the leftover blue and green paint.”

Flash of Gold

There is a Flash of Gold in the fall when the aspens change colors. This trail takes you through several flashes of gold during the fall.


SunDog is a synonym of a rainbow. While the trail builders were working to make this trail a reality, they saw several SunDogs. It is a colored ring around the sun. When you are enjoying the trail, hopefully, you will be lucky enough to see a SunDog too.

Spring Creek Highlands

The trail is an extension of the Spring Creek Trail upwards toward Buffalo Pass. The trail does not have its own independent trailhead and instead is an offshoot off the top of Spring Creek, thus the name should tie in with Spring Creek.

— It's hard to punt on a name as cool as “The Verne Lundquist Sickest Trail in America.”

But a new intermediate bike trail on Buffalo Pass is not destined to carry the name of Steamboat Springs' most famous sportscaster — No sir!

The U.S. Forest Service recently had the tough task of whittling down a list of more than 30 trail names submitted by the community to just four finalists.