Four tennis players top in Intermountain |

Four tennis players top in Intermountain

Melinda Mawdsley

Four Steamboat Springs sen–ior tennis players either retained or picked up top rankings after winning the Intermountain Senior Sectional Championships during the weekend.

The Tennis Center at Steam–boat Springs played host to the dozens of adults, and locals Jim Swiggart, Scott Campbell, Ann Bradley and Kathy Skytta won tournament titles.

Swiggart retained his No. 1 ranking at Men’s 55 singles after defeating second-ranked Art Thomson of Centennial, 6-3, 6-0.

But Thomson paired with Campbell to defeat the previous top-ranked team of G. Paige Hiatt and Mike Lammens, 6-4, 7-6(2), in the men’s 55 doubles tournament.

Bradley and Skytta won to earn the Women’s 60 doubles title.

The rankings are Inter–moun–tain Division rankings. The Inter–mountain Division encompasses a six-state area in the western half of the country.

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Other singles male winners this weekend were: Brett Schaffer in Men’s 35 singles, Martin Coe in Men’s 40 singles, Hugh O’Rourke in Men’s 45 singles, Gerry Perlman in Men’s 50 singles, Ken Sawer in Men’s 60 singles, Hight Redmond in Men’s 65 singles, Enver Mehmedbasich in Men’s 70 singles and Orlin Lehigh Wathen in Men’s 75 singles.

Other singles female winnings this weekend were: Shannon Cross in Women’s 40 singles, Susan Wright in Women’s 45 singles, Marilyn McCombs in Women’s 55 singles and Katherine Vail Gwathmey in Women’s 65 singles.

Doubles teams also took the hardcourts at the Tennis Center.

Richard Best and Scott Collins won the Men’s 45 doubles; Theo Mandel and Gerry Perlman won the title at Men’s 50 doubles. Steve Walker and Robert Weimer retained their top ranking after defeating Nicholas Nance and Norman Lowery, 6-2, 6-2, at Men’s 60 doubles.

Peter Cranston and Hight Redmond won the Men’s 65 doubles title, and Enver Mehmedbasich and Roger Speyer won the Men’s 70 doubles title.

Cheng-er Mehmedbasich and Susan Wright won the Women’s 45 doubles title, and Marie Bernard and Faye Swanson won the Women’s 55 doubles title.

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