Four Points Lodge elevates fine dining at Steamboat Ski Area to 9,700 feet |

Four Points Lodge elevates fine dining at Steamboat Ski Area to 9,700 feet

Skis and snowboards are stacked outside the new Four Points Lodge on Wednesday at Steamboat Ski Area.

At the old Four Points Lodge: Always on guard against shark attacks

Former Steamboat patrolman Bill Martin recalls the old days when the only public amenity offered by the Four Points Shack was a public bathroom of which most skiers were unaware. The main purpose of the little building beneath the upper terminal of the original Four Points double chair was to house the chairlift’s motor room and cramped ski patrol offices.

“It was all concrete, and you could literally climb up a ladder into lift operations,” Martin said. “There was a table with chairs (but no means of heating a hot lunch), and a bed meant for first-aid.”

Of course, no ski patroller would ever catch a catnap on the bed. That was reserved for mild days when patrollers dragged their chairs outside the shack to bask in the winter sun. But anyone who dared to doze in the sun was at risk of a shark attack.

“The guys from the Priest Creek shack would come over there down Storm Peak at high speed and spray us with snow in a shark attack,” Martin remembered. “You wouldn’t see them coming, and the good ones would just bury everyone sitting outside.”

The sharks included guys like Wes Richey, Larry Schnackenberg and Matt Newman, Martin said.

The old Four Points shack is gone, but skiers who want to glimpse what it looked like can find a virtual copy at the top of the mostly dormant Priest Creek double chair, which is still held in reserve on the other side of the ski area.

Four Points Lodge at a glance

Steamboat vice president of resort services: James Snyder

Chef: John Shaw

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. project manager: Michael Gumbiner

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. building manager: Christine Gumbiner

Building designer: Laurie Kohler, Kohler Design

General contractor: Calcon Constructors, Steamboat Springs

Calcon Constructors project manager: Jim Kohler

Interior design features: Three Dimensional Services, British Columbia