For the Sake of Others: Olivia Rudolph |

For the Sake of Others: Olivia Rudolph

Olivia Rudolph

Name: Olivia Rudolph


School: Lowell Whiteman

Why did you join It Teaks Courage?

I joined It Takes Courage because I wanted to share the story of my friends from Pennsylvania who committed suicide 2 two years ago and to teach kids about the consequences of bullying.

What’s it like to be a part of It Takes Courage?

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Being a part of a grassroots organization is awesome. It is a great way to help out the community. I was one of the first volunteers for heather and its awesome to see the progress within our group in such short time.

How do you see yourself having an impact?

I see myself getting the message across that words can really hurt people and the things you say can change a persons mind about themselves in 10 seconds.

Describe yourself: I am a ski racer with the winter sports club and I enjoy biking, skiing, reading and hanging out with friends. I was born in Pennsylvania and moved here in 2005 with my family. I hope to study marketing in business and work for a sports team or big organization when I am older. I want to put on their events and market them. I want to continue sharing my advice on bullying and keep getting the message across to kids.

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