Finders, keepers — for a buck |
Allison Plean

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Finders, keepers — for a buck

Strawberry Park lost-and-found items go on sale Friday

— The students at Strawberry Park Elementary School have been warned.

If they do not claim their lost belongings by the end of this week, everything in the lost in found will go on sale for $1 on Friday.

“We do this every year, and all the kids leave everything at school,” said Shannon Lukens, president of the Parent Teacher Information Committee. “We tell them about it, we send home notes, we make announcements, and they still don’t claim it.”

There are several hundred items for sale that include coats, ski pants, gloves, hats, shirts, water bottles and lunchboxes.

“It’s unbelievable stuff that’s in there,” Lukens said. “And it’s designer brands such as Roxy, Billabong, Spider, Obermeyer, Quiksilver and Merrell shoes.”

Lukens suggests that parents come in and check for their children’s lost items.

“Most parents tell me they haven’t lost anything, and inevitably, they always find things that belong to their child,” she said. “Three of the moms that helped put stuff out found things of their own children.”

Last year, the elementary school raised a couple hundred dollars from this sale, and whatever is not sold will be donated to LIFT-UP.

“It’s not a major fundraiser; it’s a way for people to get their clothes back,” Lukens said.

The items are sitting on a table in middle of the school, so all week, students can conveniently look for their belongings. Lukens will deliver items that have children’s names on them.

Last year, I found one kid’s coat and went to his classroom, and he said it wasn’t his, Lukens said. “But it had his name and phone number on it.”

The elementary school’s principle, Mark MacHale, has the electronic and high-ticket items in his office that also need to be claimed and probably will not go on sale.

There are only a few days left to retrieve these lost items; otherwise, it is a great opportunity to stock up on some nice winter clothes, Lukens said. “On Friday, come in and do your shopping and bring your money to the office.”