Final rides to decide rodeo championships |

Final rides to decide rodeo championships

— The Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo series will ride to a close this weekend, but even with 90 percent of the season in the books, the season-ending results are far from decided.

Nearly all of the rodeo's 12 events that award season-long championships are undecided.

Championships are decided based on points, and points are based on the amount of money earned this season. As an incentive to keep cowboys and cowgirls coming late into the season, the results from the three August rodeos allocate two points for every dollar earned.

Some of the races are only technically still up for grabs. Micky Downare has nearly a 2-1 lead in money earned in bareback riding, $5,183.16 to $2,428.96. Others, like the saddle bronc riding, are way too close to call. There, Blaze Cress has $1,953.68 to Lyle Welling's $1,203.20.

Those saddle bronc riding standings will be incredibly important this weekend in the summer's final two performances, starting at 7:30 p.m. both Friday and Saturday nights at the Brent Romick Rodeo Arena in downtown Steamboat Springs.

The top six saddle bronc riders from the season will earn the chance to ride in a separate event, the Pat Mantle Saddle Bronc riding competition. The winner in that competition earns another check, plus a memorial rifle.

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"That is totally in flux all the way through the final performance," rodeo board member Laura Sankey said. "That will be calculated on Saturday after the bronc riding finishes. The folks who do all of our calculations are figuring our season championship points during the rodeo performance on Saturday, too. With double points in August, someone could be in fourth place, win this weekend and jump to the top of the standings."

Every ride all summer has counted to this point for the cowboys aiming to earn belt buckles this summer in Steamboat, and in the end, the winners will need to make the most of their final tries.

"It gets a little funky," Sankey said.

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Season championship standings

Bareback riding

Downare, Micky $5,183.16

Wisehart, Craig $2,428.96

Colletti, A.J. $1,071.60

Ferguson, Tyler $654.24

Strewler, David $387.28

Saddle bronc riding

Cress, Blaze $1,953.68

Welling, Lyle $1,203.20

Meiers, RayTom $1,173.12

Martin, Cody $1,105.44

Stalley, Collin $1,082.88

Bull riding

Savage, Clayton $3,589.36

Mora, Elijah $2,228.64

Booco, Jake $1,088.48

Larson, Brian $975.04

Frost, Josh $631.68

Permit bull riding

Mora, Elijah $1,698.48

Foster, Cody $862.32

Frost, Josh $695.88

Smith, Marshall $304.56

Lowham, Garrett $203.04

Tie-down roping

Coffell, Don $2,704.25

Hamilton, Jake $2,185.50

Hoar, Stuart $1,824.20

James, Joe $1,412.90

Bath, Britt $1,101.60

Steer wrestling

DeHart, Cutter $4,371.00

Dorenkamp, Cole $1,692.00

Sterkel, Talon $1,237.66

Cathcart, Dan $1,217.29

Hinman, David $1,179.70

Team roping – Header

Schnaufer,Tyler $6,449.58

Blasingame,Ty $5,113.61

Beckett, Paul $3,448.04

Day, Jake $2,665.49

Adams, Casey $1,889.40

Team roping – Heeler

Borrego, J.W $5,113.61

Cooper, Cole $3,549.68

Van Aken, Clayton $3,448.04

Wilson, T.W. $3,241.24

Zurcher, Ryan $2,976.28

Barrel racing

McKee, Wendy $5,281.92

Will, Ronnie $3,668.42

Bath, Diane $3,535.39

Samuelson, Kelsey $2,483.95

Vondette, C.J. $1,351.30

Regional roping

Reiner, Leland $2,050.00

Camilletti, Nick $1,950.00

Wilson, Grady $1,522.00

Bell, Eric $1,262.50

Hildreth, Coy $1,000.00

Junior barrel racing

Sherrod, Lacey 30

May, Avery 28

Wood, Deana 5

Pee wee barrel racing

Matt, Jacey 20

Romick, Addison 18

Barnes, Cactus 12

Knez, Katie Jo 11

Reinier, Rainey 9

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