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Autumn Phillips

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Film examines global warming

¤ “Global Warming: Turning Up the Heat” ¤ 7 p.m. today ¤ Room 200, Bogue Hall on the CMC campus ¤ Free ¤ 879-8691

Is it or isn’t it? There is still a debate about whether the earth is experiencing global warming, and if it is, whether it is the direct result of human action.

The people on each side of the debate are not as easy to define as right or left, Republican or Democrat.

¤ “Global Warming: Turning Up the Heat” ¤ 7 p.m. today ¤ Room 200, Bogue Hall on the CMC campus ¤ Free ¤ 879-8691

For the makers of “Global Warming: Turning up the Heat,” your party affiliation or your political view about the environment doesn’t matter. Global warming will affect everyone equally, they say.

“We have injured the world’s climate,” narrator David Suzuki said.

“Global Warming” was released in 1995, but many of the images used are strangely similar to the recent tsunami in Southeast Asia.

The film refers often to the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, where world leaders (including then U.S. President George H.W. Bush) met to discuss the effects of pollution on the environment. Leaders agreed to reduce greenhouse emissions in their respective countries, but no timetable was set, and participation was voluntary.

Instead of going down, Suzuki said, levels of greenhouse emissions have risen.

“Global Warming” is a 46-minute documentary full of warnings from scientists that global warming poses a major threat to the health of the planet and the survival of human beings.

“The program examines how human activity has contributed to recent unusual heat waves, floods and droughts around the world, and looks at some of the ingenious solutions that are now being developed to alleviate these problems,” according to the video jacket.

“It’s hard to think about global warming when it’s snowing outside,” Suzuki said. “It’s hard to take something seriously that we can’t see.

“It’s not the fact that (the climate) is shifting, but it’s the rate at which it’s happening.”