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Locals gear up for Super Bowl

Doug Crowl

— There is an urban legend that water and sewer lines across the United States are in danger of rupturing during halftime of the Super Bowl because of so many people flushing their toilets.

It actually happened in Salt Lake City in 1984, or at least that’s what officials blamed it on, even though an L.A. Times report stated that the phenomenon is not likely to be possible.

True or not, there are a lot of people who watch the Super Bowl. It’s expected that 800 million people worldwide will watch it today, including 130 million viewers in the United States, according to

That means millions of people snuggling up to the television with some of their favorite game-watching foods to watch the game and the spectacles for about four hours of entertainment.

It’s no different in Steamboat Springs.

Celebrations party and costume store had a run on party gear, and unlike previous years, costumes.

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“I have no more eye patches left,” storeowner Sandy Pugh said.

As many as 50 people came into the store to gear up for the game. The store also took several balloon delivery orders for parties.

All of the people buying costumes were Raiders fans, Pugh said.

“This is the first time people are actually getting costumes,” she said.

Orlando Moran is one of the costume-clad fans of the Raiders.

“I’ve always loved the Raiders,” said Moran, who bought a Road Warrior-like costume he said he will wear for the game.

He’s going to wear it out to the bar to watch the game with friends.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have Super Bowl Sunday off work. The employees at Christy Sports in Ski Time Square, for example, will be manning the store during the game.

That doesn’t mean they won’t be having a good time, employee Maka Kalia said.

“A bunch of us have to work during the Super Bowl, so we have to have a Super Bowl party at work,” he said.

Not very many shoppers come into the store during the game, so they get some food and turn on the game.

“Pretty much every year someone brings food and we watch the game,” Kalia said.

But not everyone will be joining the masses to watch the Super Bowl this year. Shawn O’Brien-Allen is one of them.

“I’m just not interested,” he said.

O’Brien-Allen is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that was knocked out of the playoffs last week. Now, he said he just doesn’t care.

“I’m going to go snowboarding, or maybe go to the hot springs or go snowshoeing,” he said. “Everybody else is going to be tied up.”

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