Erika Kipfer: Thank you, Steamboat |

Erika Kipfer: Thank you, Steamboat

— My name is Erika Kipfer, and I was on a school trip when my family's garage caught fire Wednesday of last week. It was pretty bad because I didn't know until I got home Friday morning. I know much more now about what happened and the events that have followed. I have heard the stories about how this community, the best community, this supportive community, reached out and helped my family. And I want to thank you.

Thanks for pulling together and offering help and support to my family.

Thanks to the firefighters for saving our house from the flames and keeping the only home I have really ever known safe. Thanks to the neighbors who saw the flames and called 911 and then came to help evacuate my family; people and dogs. Thanks to those who offered food,

clothing, even a place to stay. It makes me proud to be part of this community and again thank you for all your help and support.

Thank you.

Erika Kipfer and family

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