Election 2006: Letters to the editor

Our View


Scott L. Ford: Pay for it the right way

Infrastructure improvements in downtown Steamboat Springs are needed and long overdue. So why is creating a new district within the Urban Renewal Authority the wrong way to pay for them?

Ken Brenner: City drafts plans for future elections

As everyone knows by now, on Nov. 7, many voters stood in line 1 1/2 to 2 hours, with some waiting nearly four hours for the privilege to vote. In all, 4000 dedicated voters persevered on Election Day. The Democratic Party congratulates and thanks them for their patience and their commitment to the democratic process.

Voting 'yes' on 3C and 3D will address several education issues

It is the job of the District Accountability Committee to oversee the goal writing process in each of our district's schools, make sure the schools have the resources to reach those goals and then hold the schools accountable to those goals. We are a committee comprised of community members, parents, teachers and administrators.

Jo Stanko: Why I support John Salazar

John Salazar has proven himself to be an effective representative for those of us who live in the Third Congressional District. Since he was elected two years ago, he gained seats on three committees which are important, not only to Colorado in general but to the Western Slope, which relies on farming, ranching and tourism as our major industries.

Buck Buckland: Why I support Scott Tipton

I have never met John Salazar. By all accounts, he is a nice fellow, but this does not qualify him to represent us in Congress. While Salazar's ads paint him as a farmer and advocate for the Western Slope, his record reflects quite the opposite.

Garrett Wiggins: Leading positively by example

My desire to become the next sheriff of Routt County is deeply rooted in my personal history, as I am a third generation law enforcement officer from the Wiggins family.

Gary Wall: Time for a change

If you believe that the Routt County Sheriff's Department needs to change its priorities and management style to reflect the changes that have and will occur in the Yampa Valley, then I am your clear choice for sheriff.

Cam Boyd: Vote 'no' on 3D

It seems everywhere I look, I see a sign to "vote for our children." I am in support of our children, and I will vote yes on 3C to raise our teachers' salaries. However, the plan for the new school to be built at Soda Creek Elementary is inadequate for the future needs of the region.

Peter F. Remy: 'Yes' on 3C and 3D

Those of you who know me will have to agree that I have dealt with quality life issues in the last 23 years by helping families relocate to Steamboat Springs through business sales as a specialized business broker. A good education system and a sense of community are the top inquiries from people seeking a new life in the mountains. Now, what does that have to do with voting yes on 3C and 3D in the upcoming elections?

Tom Miller-Freuter: Timing is right

I remember having a conversation with Steamboat Springs Middle School assistant principal Jerry Buelter late in 2005. Our conversation revolved around what the "best school district" in the state of Colorado would look like. There were many identified characteristics, some of which included a diverse curriculum, dynamic community, administrative leadership, advanced educational environments (facilities), and highly (continuously) trained professionals capable of stimulating a passion for learning.

Wiggins' wise choice

We are writing this letter out of concern over the race for the Sheriff's Office of Routt County. Those of us who live in the small towns that do not have a police force need to have a strong, well-trained group of men who work well together and are dedicated to enforcing the law.

Issues won't go away

The education of our children is the responsibility of everyone in the Steamboat Springs community. Adequately paid personnel and safe, well-designed buildings are basics for optimum education.

Rick Dowden: 'No' to pay raise

Your election coverage reminded me that the City Council is indeed seeking a pay increase. As I view it (and from my discussions, I know that I am far from alone), the City Council is now "terribly overworked" because it has no discernable leadership, is essentially dysfunctional and has members who want to spend most of their time making speeches rather than getting things done. In addition, from what I can see, they do not use any of the well-established methods of streamlining work and making it more efficient, such as effective delegation to committees, limits on debate or better use of staff, to name just a few.

Tom Ptach: 'Yes' for schools

Excellent schools are good for local business. We all know that is true, and we know that Steamboat's schools are among the best in the state. An affirmative vote for referendums 3C and 3D will keep them that way.

Colorado Children's Campaign: Vote for children

On Nov. 7, Coloradans across the state will have the opportunity to make important decisions that will impact the lives of kids. At the Colorado Children's Campaign, we don't think about Election Day in terms of politics, we think about how our votes will impact the more than one million children who live in our state.