Richard Rickerson: Power to the states

Eight state legislatures have introduced resolutions declaring state sovereignty under the Ninth and 10th amendments to the U.S. Constitution - Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington.

Our View: Balance returns in election

The results of the 2006 election demonstrate that, at a minimum, Routt County is once again home to two political parties.

Our View: Fix voting problems before next election

At Issue: Election problems

Our View: The county needs more voting centers and double the number of voting machines before the next election.

Voters supporting teacher pay raise

Steamboat Springs School District voters are supporting a pay raise for teachers. As of 8:30 p.m., 1,259 voters, or 59.92 percent, voted yes for Referendum 3C, while 842 people, or 40.08 percent, voted no.

Our View: Take the time to vote

Major decisions will be made on Election Day. There are seven state amendments, seven state referendums, two school bond issues and a City Council pay raise on Tuesday's ballot.

Our View: 'No' to council pay raise

In Referendum 2A, the Steamboat Springs City Council asks voters for a pay raise.

Our View: Vote 'yes' on 3C

Make no mistake - Routt County Referendum 3C is an initiative brought about as much by political convenience as by thoughtful analysis.

Our View: Vote 'no' on 44

We believe that America's 30-year war on drugs has been a costly and unproductive national failure. We believe there has to be a better way and that the progressive decriminalization of certain drugs may be a significant part of the solution.

Our View: Yes on Ref. I; no on 43

Amendment 43 on the Nov. 7 ballot would change the Colorado Constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Let us be crystal clear - this is a purely political amendment that is an unnecessary waste of the voters' time. The only thing to be gained by voting for it is to send a message of intolerance that we know the people of Colorado do not support.

Our View: 'No' to amendments 40, 41, 42

At issue: Proposed state amendments 40, 41 and 42

Our view: Each proposed amendment is flawed and should be defeated.

Our View: Vote 'no' on Amendment 39, Ref. J

At issue: Amendment 39 and Referendum J

Our View: State issues on school funding would undermine local control and should be defeated.

Our View: Vote 'No' on Amendment 38

At Issue: Amendment 38 Our View: The ill-conceived measure would cost taxpayers, disrupt government and undermine representative democracy.

Our View: School bond issue should be approved

Bond issue to replace Soda Creek Elementary and renovate Strawberry Park Elementary should be approved.

Our View: District needs to be more specific

At issue: Referendum 3C

Our View: More specifics are needed on mill levy override to help attract and retain quality education staff in the Steamboat Springs School District