Election 2006


How Routt County voted

Find complete precinct-by-precinct voting results for Routt County.

Kathleen Huron: Yes to Proposition 103

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Steamboat Springs Education Association to promote our endorsement of Proposition 103, to ask our community to support this vital lifeline for our schools and to vote “yes” on Prop 103.

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Dispensary owners help boost number of county’s registered voters

Routt County Clerk and Recorder Kay Weinland said it’s unusual to have a large increase in voter registration during an odd-year election but attributed the shift to the hot-button issues on this year's ballot.

Kathy Rodeman: Keep the dispensaries

I know some of you think medical marijuana is a scam by “druggies” to obtain their pot more easily, and I am sure there are a few who do not really need it. I also am sure there are many more who medical marijuana helps to live a less painful and more productive life.

Daryl Levin: Marijuana saved me

There is no doubt in my mind that the medical aspect of cannabis is truly amazing. It might not be for everybody, but it saved my life and will probably save many lives in the future when doctors and scientists get the opportunity to work with cannibinoids.

Chris Diamond: Air service affects us all

Air service is one of the most important economic drivers for our community, touching directly or indirectly every individual, family, business and organization across our community.

Jim Gill: Yes on Referendum 2B

One element of this new 0.25 percent sales tax that has not been discussed in any detail is the positive impact that a growing city of Steamboat Springs sales tax base would have on the Steamboat Springs Education Fund.

Hill Blackett: No on Referendum 2B

There is nothing as permanent as a temporary tax.

Local Marketing District board would manage new Ref 2B funds in Steamboat

The expected $1.3 million that could be generated annually by Referendum 2B's passage would be administered by the Local Marketing District board.

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Routt County clerk and recorder: Completed ballots ‘flooding in’

700 ballots have been returned as undeliverable

Officials can begin scanning the completed ballots as early as Monday, but the results of those scans will not be known by anyone until Nov. 1.

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Ptarmigan Inn plan concerns some in Steamboat

Hotel could be redeveloped into 10-story condo complex

A major redevelopment project at the base of Steamboat Ski Area is moving forward, but it’s also drawing the ire of some of its neighbors.

Election Guide: South Routt School Board District 6 candidate Tim Corrigan

I am running because I think it is important to have that continuity of leadership and institutional memory that is so important in the functioning of the district.

Election Guide: Steamboat Springs School Board District 2 candidate Wayne Lemley

I am running to increase public education funding in Steamboat and to improve basic reading, math, communication and science education.

Election Guide: Steamboat Springs School Board District 4 candidate Robin Crossan

I feel I continue to have the energy and passion for continuing the process, supporting our staff, parents and community in educating our students and am able to continue to volunteer to do that.

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Forum on Routt County election issues draws crowd

A packed election forum at the Steamboat Springs Community Center on Thursday stayed crowded until the end — when supporters and opponents of a winter air service tax and medical marijuana businesses squared off on the same day many residents received their ballots in the mail.