Our View: An open letter to Tuesday's election winners

Despite the closely contested elections, there are a number of things most Americans feel strongly about and on which you must focus during your next term.

Baumgardner wins Senate District 8 race

The state representative from Cowdrey used the district's strong Republican majority to cruise past Breckenridge Democrat Emily Tracy.

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Routt County turns out in large numbers for presidential election

Voters young and old turned out in large numbers for the 2012 election, headlined by a hard-fought battle for the presidency.

Corrigan defeats Barrows to win Stahoviak's open County Commissioner District I seat

County commissioner elect Tim Corrigan said he would reach out to all county employees to seek their buy-in.

Routt County Commissioner Doug Monger wins 4th term in District 2

Democrat cruises past Tina Kyprios to maintain his seat representing western Routt County.

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Updates on local races in the 2012 general election

Follow live updates from Routt County and Northwest Colorado races. Tim Corrigan leads in the District 1 county commissioner race, and Doug Monger will hold his District 2 seat.

Updates on statewide and national races: Election called for Obama, Amendment 64 passes

Follow for live updates on Colorado and national issues and elections.

Election coverage is live on KEZZ Easy 94.1 FM

Brian Harvey, of KEZZ, and Scott Stanford, of the Pilot & Today, will provide live election results from the Steamboat Today office from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday on KEZZ Easy 94.1 FM.

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No lines reported at polling stations in Routt County as voters decide presidency, local races

Boosted by strong early voting and mail voting turnout, Election Day waits have been non-existent in Routt County and Steamboat Springs. The polls close at 7 p.m. today.

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Tom Ross: Framers of the US Constitution gave us bewildering Electoral College

In Maine, electors for one of its two congressional districts — the one with the most lobstah — could go for Obama. The other district — comprising the woodsier, mooseier part of Maine — could go for Romney.

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Record number of Routt County voters favors mail-in ballots

Routt County mailed 8,675 ballots in October, and about 50 percent have been returned as of Thursday afternoon.

Randy Baumgardner: Proud to be the conservative choice

For the economy to recover, we need to support sensible legislation in the Senate that limits burdensome regulations and encourages private industry to invest in Colorado.

Emily Tracy: Strong, independent voice is needed

There is a lot at stake in the election this year, and the need for our elected officials to work together across the Continental Divide as well as across party lines is more important than ever.

Attack ads use outside money to target Mitsch Bush in House District 26 race

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of outside money is flowing into Colorado state house races, including District 26 in Routt and Eagle counties.

Steamboat residents campaign for legislature in Eagle County

Diane Mitsch Bush and Chuck McConnell are from Steamboat Springs, which raises the question of how well they are coming across in Eagle County, the only other county besides Routt in House District 26.

Early voting ongoing at the downtown courthouse in Steamboat

Routt County voters can cast ballots during the early voting period that began Monday and continues through Nov. 2.

Tim Corrigan: Listen, learn and compromise

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Tim Corrigan, and I am running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners’ District 1 seat. I’m a dedicated husband, a parent of four, a community volunteer, a local businessman and the president of the Soroco School Board.

Jim 'Moose' Barrows: A vision for the future

After 60 years of living the bounties provided by Routt County, I would like to give back to this very special Yampa Valley community by serving as a county commissioner.

Doug Monger: Proud of my accomplishments

Who is Doug Monger? I’m a fiscal conservative, a moderate Democrat, a problem solver, and a consensus maker who takes pride in thinking outside the box. I am a strong advocate for private property rights and multiple uses of our public lands. I am a leader and have consistently shown leadership qualities.

Tina Kyprios: It’s time for change in Routt County

I am running because I believe we need a fresh perspective and vitality to address the critical issues we face in our county. Right now, we need to work together through all areas of our county to get our economy moving.

Diane Mitsch Bush: Working across the partisan divide

I will cultivate our common ground, ditch the partisan bickering and heated ideological rhetoric and work earnestly across the partisan divide and the Continental Divide to make a better Colorado.

Chuck McConnell: Decisions guided by principles

I will work every day if elected to help small businesses in our state hire more employees; invest in property, plants and equipment; and help contribute to the American Dream.

Tisha Casida: Common-sense solutions

I think there are several agencies within the federal government whose functions could be pushed down to state and local governments, where there is more transparency and more accountability.

Gregory Gilman: A better future for America

The federal debt and lack of spending control, the inability of Congress to manage the federal government and our current “war mentality” are major issues that I feel must be addressed in order to move our country forward.

Sal Pace: Colorado needs new leadership in Washington

If the past few years of gridlock and partisanship have taught us anything, it’s that our current Congress is no longer capable of coming up with solutions to our problems.

Scott Tipton: Balance is key to prosperity

It’s important that as we develop energy resources including oil, gas and clean coal, we put equal effort into common-sense conservation and environmental protection.

Some Routt County voters not notified of tax measure

Some residents who own property in the Stagecoach area but do not use it as their residence weren't notified about a proposed mill levy cap increase on the November ballot for the Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District.

Legislative candidates say Western Slope is misunderstood on the Front Range

Emily Tracy, the Democratic candidate for Senate District 8, said Colorado’s statehouse is occupied by “very much an urban/suburban Legislature.” Republican candidate Randy Baumgardner said collaboration between parties is the only way to get things done in Denver.

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Candidates for county commissioner, statehouse spar over government's role

House District 26 candidate Diane Mitsch Bush said she felt vindicated upon learning that the state is considering new rules on water quality testing for oil wells. Her opponent, Republican Chuck McConnell, argued that developing the state's many natural resources without burdensome regulations is the quickest way to boost the economy.

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Watch live video from today's candidate forum at Colorado Mountain College

Today's candidate forum is from 6 to 8 p.m. at the CMC auditorium. Follow the link to watch live video from the forum.

Campaign finance reports detail fundraising of Routt candidates

The most recent campaign finance reports show some disparities in fundraising efforts by Routt County residents running for elected office.

Meet candidates at CMC election forum Thursday in Steamboat

Some residents already have received their ballots, but another opportunity to meet local candidates before the Nov. 6 election is Thursday night.

Election Guide 2012: Diane Mitsch Bush

Diane Mitsch Bush is running for the Colorado House District 26 seat

Election Guide 2012: Chuck McConnell

Chuck McConnell is running for Colorado House District 26

Election Guide 2012: Jim 'Moose' Barrows

Jim Barrows is running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners District 1 seat

Election Guide 2012: Tim Corrigan

Tim Corrigan is running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners District 1 seat

Election Guide 2012: Tina Kyprios

Tina Kyprios is running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat

Election Guide 2012: Doug Monger

Doug Monger is running for the Routt County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat.

Election Guide 2012: Baumgardner and Tracy square off for Senate District 8

For the first time in 12 years, Northwest Colorado will not be represented at the state Capitol by someone named White. The real question is whether Senate District 8, a typically safe Republican seat, will stay in GOP hands, or if Breckenridge Democrat Emily Tracy can topple two-term state Rep. Randy Baumgardner.

Election Guide 2012: Tipton, Pace headline race for 3rd Congressional District

Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District seat has been one of the most fiercely contested in the state — if not the nation — the past few years, and for good reason.

Election Guide 2012: Voters will decide whether to retain Judge Michael O'Hara III

Voters on Nov. 6 will decide whether to retain Judge Michael O’Hara III as the chief judge for the 14th Judicial District, which encompasses Routt, Moffat and Grand counties.

Election Guide 2012: Barkey running unopposed for district attorney for 14th Judicial District

Brett Barkey is running unopposed for district attorney for the 14th Judicial District, which encompasses Routt, Moffat and Grand counties.

Election Guide 2012: CU Board of Regents has 2 seats on the ballot

2 CU Board of Regents seats are on the ballot this year.

Election Guide 2012: Colorado voters to decide on marijuana legalization

Colorado voters soon will decide the latest attempt at marijuana legalization, this one in the form of Amendment 64, which proposes amending the state constitution to allow adults 21 and older to possess and use small amounts of marijuana.

Election Guide 2012: Yampa to decide on board seats

The town of Yampa is asking voters to approve reducing the number of Town Board seats from six to four.

Election Guide 2012: District seeks to increase mill levy cap

The Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District in South Routt County near Stagecoach is requesting an increase in its mill levy cap.

Election Guide 2012: Amendment S would change state personnel rules

Amendment S, put on the ballot by Colorado lawmakers, would reform the state’s government employee personnel system through a variety of changes that supporters say are necessary to modernize and make flexible the state’s rigid personnel rules.

Election Guide 2012: Amendment 65 takes on campaign finance

Amendment 65, one of three statewide ballot questions to be decided by Colorado voters this fall, seeks to strike down the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial 2010 Citizens United decision by instructing state lawmakers and Colorado’s congressional delegation to push for and support campaign finance reform at the federal level.

Our View: Pivotal election warrants strong turnout, informed votes

It may sound cliche, but Routt County voters absolutely will have an impact in races up and down the ballot this year, starting with the presidential contest.

Routt County commissioner candidates speak at Oak Creek Town Board meeting

Jim “Moose” Barrows, Tim Corrigan, Tina Kyprios and Doug Monger got a chance to introduce themselves to Oak Creek Town Board members and South Routt residents at Thursday's meeting.

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