Replay of 10/20/2016 Election Forum

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Dennis Brust: Vote ‘no’ on 3C

It’s for the kids. If only that were true.

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Live updates from the 2016 Election Forum

Participate in live updates and real-time conversation during the 2016 Election Forum right here.

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Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

"Donald J. Trump has the skills to bring back economic vitality, jobs and prosperity." — Chuck McConnell

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Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to

"We need a leader that my students can look up to. That person is Hillary Clinton." — Cassady Roberts

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From the Editor: Politics at the grassroots level

Regardless of your political affiliation or if you’re completely fed up with politics in general, I invite you to attend our 2016 Election Forum Thursday night to experience politics at its most grassroots level.

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Schwartz, Tipton battle for 3rd Congressional District

Former state Sen. Gail Schwartz is on the offensive in her effort to unseat incumbent Republican Scott Tipton in Colorado’s Third Congressional District — and her chosen hot-button issue is public lands.

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Election Guide 2016: Proposition 106 — Access to medical aid in dying

Proposition 106 asks voters whether to create the “Colorado End-of-Life Options Act,” which would be the state’s version of similar “Death with Dignity” legislation already passed in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana and California.

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Election Guide 2016: Referendum 3C — Tax increase for full-day kindergarten

The Steamboat Springs Board of Education voted in August for the school district to let voters decide whether to approve Referendum 3C, a mill levy override to fund free all-day kindergarten in the city.

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Election Guide 2016: Amendment 69 — Statewide health care system

Amendment 69 outlines a financing plan for a proposed statewide health care system called ColoradoCare.

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Election Guide 2016: Amendment 70 — Raising Colorado's minimum wage

Colorado voters will decide whether this state should follow the lead of some other states and cities that have recently raised their minimum wages.

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Election Guide 2016: Referendum 1A — County asks voters to pre-approve pot excise tax

The Routt County Board of Commissioners is asking the voters to approve a 5 percent excise tax on marijuana grown for retail sale, anticipating it may consider permits for grow operations in the unincorporated county.

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Election Guide 2016: Referendum 3D — Hayden seeks money for school buses

The Hayden School District is in a financial bind and is asking voters to pay additional taxes so the district can buy new buses.

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Ed MacArthur: Amendment 69 would fund massive bureaucracy

An op-ed opposing Amendment 69 — ColoradoCares — submitted by Steamboat Springs businessman Ed MacArthur.

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Mayling Simpson: Will you be on the right side of history?

An op-ed in favor of Amendment 69 — ColoradoCares — submitted by Steamboat Springs resident Mayling Simpson.

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Election Guide 2016: Referendums 2A, 2B, 2C — Town of Hayden asks to increase taxes

Hayden residents will consider three ballot questions that will increase taxes to raise more general funds for the town and to fund street improvements.

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Election Guide 2016: Emily Tracy Q&A

Bio: Emily has lived in Colorado since 1965, rural Colorado since 1977. She teaches at Colorado Mountain College, co-leads the Conflict Resolution Coalition, Summit County. Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, master’s degree in public administration, emphasis environmental management. Child protection, foster care, adoption, courts, nonprofits. Eight years, City Council, Cañon City.

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Election Guide 2016: Scott R. Tipton Q&A

Bio: Scott Tipton grew up in Southwest Colorado, attending Fort Lewis College before settling in Cortez where he was a small business owner for 30 years before going into public service. He was elected to Congress in 2010 where he currently serves as representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

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Election Guide 2016: Gail Schwartz Q&A

Bio: Having lived 45 years on the West Slope, Gail Schwartz has dedicated her life to making Western and Southern Colorado the best possible place to live, work and raise a family. As a state senator for eight years, she worked to protect public lands, to promote an “all-of-the-above” energy approach and to ensure equitable access for rural communities to quality education and health care, economic opportunity, and rural broadband and infrastructure development.

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Election Guide 2016: Diane Mitsch Bush Q&A

Bio: Diane moved here from Minnesota in 1976 to finish her PhD and ski. She immediately became interested in western water and agriculture issues — concerns that have never flagged. Since then, she has been an ardent volunteer, award-winning professor, county commissioner from 2007 to 2012 and is our District 26 representative.

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Election Guide 2016: Ashley McMurray Q&A

Bio: Ashley McMurray holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science and Japanese/international affairs from the University of Michigan. She moved to Steamboat Springs in 2004 and to Hayden in 2008. She is the owner and operator of InSite Media. Her past political experience includes: serving on the Hayden Planning Commission, January 2016 to present; various local, regional and national political campaign work; and the Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, D.C., 2003

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Election Guide 2016: Richard “Festus” Hagins Q&A

Bio: Known as Festus, Hagins has served Hayden in many capacities such as mayor, councilman and various boards for the last 24 years. He has vast knowledge of the area and cares for the community. Haggis is a gardener, computer geek, mechanic and photographer, who lives with his wife, Sarah, and dog Riddick.

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Election Guide 2016: Gaylon Kent Q&A

Bio: My wife Marian and I live in Hayden. I am a writer and pay the bills supervising the front desk at a Steamboat timeshare. I was the Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee in 2014, and I am commander of American Legion Post 44 and District 14.

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Election Guide 2016: Brodie Farquhar Q&A

Bio: Brodie Farquhar, 64, is a semi-retired journalist who has covered news in six states, winning 21 awards. Married to his best friend for 42 years, he has three children, two grandkids and a giant dog. Earned degrees in journalism and natural resource policy. Semi-pro curmudgeon.

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Election Guide 2016: Darryl Glenn Q&A

Bio: Darryl Glenn is the leader the people of Colorado need in the United States Senate. As a civil servant dedicated to improving the lives and communities of those he has served, Darryl will continue to be a strong advocate fighting for the principles most important to Coloradans.

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Election Guide 2016: Bob Dapper Q&A

Bio: Bob Dapper has been a Routt County resident for 45 years. He and his wife, Leslie, have two adults children, two dogs and one horse. He is owner of Routt County Landscaping and director of mountain operations for Christy Sports, LLC. Dapper is also co-founder and vice president of the Steamboat Mountain Village Partnership and has served as president of Crime Stoppers from 2006 to 2016. He is also co-founder of the Steamboat Nordic Council and served as president of Humble Ranch Riding and Therapy Center for 17 years.

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Election Guide 2016: Tim Corrigan Q&A

Bio: Tim Corrigan moved here in 1981 with his wife, Donna, and raised four children. They live on a ranch south of Yampa and raise hay and quarter horses. He operated a construction business from 1984 to 2014, served on the South Routt County School District Board of Education from 2001 to 2013 and has served as Routt County commissioner since 2012.

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Election Guide 2016: Charles Forrest Q&A

Bio: I moved to Hayden three years ago with my wife, Sammi, and our son Eddie. I live and work in Hayden, and my son is in the second grade at Hayden Elementary.

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Election Guide 2016: Election Guide 2016: Q&A with Michael Bennet

Bio: Representing Colorado in the United States Senate, built a reputation as someone who will take on Washington dysfunction and work with anyone — Democrat or Republican — to get things done. Married to natural resources attorney, Susan Daggett. Father to three daughters: Caroline, Halina and Anne. Former businessman and school superintendent.

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Election Guide 2016: Q&A with Randy Baumgardner

Bio: I was born in Indiana and have lived in Grand County for over 22 years. I worked for the Colorado Department of Transportation for 11 years. My wife, Lori, and I operate a cattle ranch between Hot Sulphur Springs and Granby. We have one son Mathew, who attends Grand County schools.

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Emily Tracy: Willing to work across the aisle

A 2016 Election op-ed submitted by Democrat Emily Tracy, who is running for Colorado Senate District 8.

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Randy Baumgardner: An effective legislator with experience

A 2016 Election op-ed submitted by Republican Randy Baumgardner, who is running for reelection to Colorado Senate District 8.

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Bob Dapper: Critical decision-making key for county

This 2016 Election op-ed was submitted by Republican Bob Dapper, who is running for Routt County commissioner, District 1.

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Tim Corrigan: Deeply committed to Routt County

An Election 2016 op-ed submitted by Tim Corrigan, Democrat candidate for Routt County commissioner, District 1.

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Steamboat Springs resident files campaign finance complaint against Republican House District 26 candidate

In a complaint he recently sent to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, Paul Reynolds alleges that candidate Michael Cacioppo should have disclosed in his campaign finance reports the value of some pro-Cacioppo content that has recently run in the newspaper Cacioppo owns in Eagle County.

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Patrick Delaney: Vote 'yes' on 3D

"Help ensure safe, reliable transportation for our region’s children and support our boys and girls by voting 'yes' on 3D." — Patrick Delaney

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Gaylon Kent: Leading the charge for change

A 2016 Election op-ed submitted by Gaylon Kent, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Representative for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.

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Darryl Glenn: Dedicated to restoring the American dream

An 2016 Election op-ed submitted by Darryl Glenn, who is running for U.S. Senate to represent Colorado on the Republican ticket.

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Michael Bennet: Getting things done for Colorado

An Election 2016 op-ed submitted by Democrat Michael Bennet who is running for reelection to the U.S. Senate.

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Tree Haus residents will weigh in on debt hike to improve roads

A tax proposal would increase the Tree Haus Metro District’s debt $1.25 million to improve the private neighborhood’s roads, which have not been asphalted since 1989.

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Gail Schwartz: Fighting to protect Colorado's public lands

Democrat Gail Schwartz is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.

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Scott Tipton: Creating jobs, opportunities for Colorado

An election op-ed submitted by Scott Tipton, candidate for U.S. Representative to Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.

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Candidates for House District 26 differ over public land policy

Candidates differ over public land issues

The candidates for Colorado House District 26, Republican Michael Cacioppo and Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, differed significantly over management of federal lands in the region as they faced one another during an Oct. 4 candidates forum.

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Steamboat Springs Rotarians hear from national candidates

Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs members had a rare opportunity to hear from candidates running for national office.

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Election forums slated for Tuesday in Steamboat Springs

In the shadows of one of the most contentious presidential races in recent memory, Colorado voters will decide several important races at both the state and district levels Nov. 8, and several local forums are scheduled for Oct. 4 to help inform voters about the candidates and the issues.

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Candidates weigh in on early childhood during annual First Impressions forum

Candidates who attended First Impressions’ annual candidates forum Wednesday agreed that the area’s high cost of living is the most significant issue affecting young children.

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Sheriff Garrett Wiggins' 2017 budget calls for new patrol deputy, investigator

As much as he values a second K9 unit, Sheriff Garrett Wiggins said his highest priorities are adding a new patrol deputy and a new criminal investigator to his staff.

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Routt County commissioners 'energized' at forum

The future of coal and oil

Kiwanis Club President Bud Romberg asked asked candidates for county commissioner how they foresee energy development proceeding over the next few years.

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Candidates discuss balancing growth and open space

Kiwanis member Bud Romberg asked candidates for Routt County commissioner their outlook on permitting a new mobile home park in the county.

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Routt County losing 2 emergency response department heads to retirement

Routt County Director of Emergency Management Bob Struble, who has been in that role since 2009, intends to retire Oct. 7.

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Routt County Commissioner District 1 challenger Bob Dapper had raised $35,055 by July 23

Dapper's campaign funding more than triple Corrigan's

As of July 28, Commissioner District I challenger Tim Corrigan has raised $35,055 in campaign funds compared to $9,569 for incumbent Tim Corrigan.

Voter information:

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2016 Election Guide

2016 issues and candidates:

State ballot issues:

  • Amendment 70: Raising Colorado’s minimum wage
  • Amendment 69: Statewide health care system
  • Proposition 106: Access to medical aid in dying

Local ballot issues:

  • Referendum 1A: Routt County asks voters to pre-approve pot excise tax
  • Referendum 3C: Steamboat Springs School District tax increase for full-day kindergarten
  • Referendum 3D: Hayden School District seeks money for school buses
  • Referendum 2A. 2B, 2C: Town of Hayden asks to increase taxes
  • Referendum 5A: Mill levy increase sought for South Routt Medical Center
  • Referendum 5B: Tree Haus residents consider debt hike to improve roads


U.S. House of Representatives

  • Scott R. Tipton
  • Gail Schwartz
  • Gaylon Kent

U.S. Senate

  • Darryl Glenn
  • Michael Bennet

State Senator - District 8

  • Randy Baumgardner
  • Emily Tracy

State Representative - District 26

  • Diane Mitsch Bush
  • Michael Cacioppo

County Commissioner - District 1

  • Tim Corrigan
  • Bob Dapper