Replay of 10/20/2016 Election Forum

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Routt among Colorado counties seeking to strengthen faith in voting process

Colorado has been working to strengthen voters' faith in election outcomes since 2013, and the Routt County Clerk is on board.

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3rd attempt at funding for downtown BID likely to go to voters in 2017

Could the third time be the charm for the effort to fund a business improvement district in downtown Steamboat Springs?

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Some fear potential tax overload as community groups eye 2017 ballot initiatives in Steamboat Springs

With as many as six or seven local tax initiatives headed for the ballot in 2017, some community groups are starting to take steps they hope will prevent a case of tax heartburn in the electorate that dooms them all.

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Human Services building so cramped its shortcomings are driving policies and procedures

An architectural firm has reported to Routt County commissioners that the current Human Services building is so cramped its shortcomings are driving policies and procedures.

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Craig City Council votes to draft recreational marijuana ballot question

A request to add a recreational cannabis measure to the April ballot revealed staunch ideological divisions between councilmembers at Tuesday’s Craig City Council meeting.

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Voters likely to decide whether Steamboat Springs City Council should keep health insurance

City Attorney Dan Foote said he believes the council has had the option of getting health insurance coverage from the city since 1992. But voters have never approved the benefit as required in the city’s charter.

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Steamboat Springs School District updating budget after mill levy passage

The Steamboat Springs School District is making quick work of updating its budget following the narrow passage of a mill levy to fund full-day kindergarten.

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Chinese immigrant visiting Steamboat Springs to discuss reform

Helen Raleigh arrived in the United States from China in 1996 on a student visa, but because of what she sees as an outdated, poorly organized immigration system, it took her 17 years to become a naturalized citizen.

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Political letter-writing event at Off the Beaten Path Monday

Templates and suggestions for how to write an effective letter to legislators will be given, and names and addresses of legislators will be provided, along with proofreading support, envelopes and postage.

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County shifts show in presidential votes

Though Oak Creek and Phippsburg turned red, Clinton carried Routt easily

Tuesday’s presidential election may have brought plenty of surprises — or one big one, anyway — but the overall results in Routt County weren’t much of a shock. Still, the 2016 presidential election numbers did show several major political shifts in the county.

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Uncontested DA races commonplace in rural Colorado

In Colorado, there were only seven contested races in the 22 judicial districts. In the 14th Judicial District encompassing Routt, Moffat and Grand counties, there has only been one contested election since 2000.

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How did Routt County vote?

Unofficial 2016 election results

Unofficial 2016 election results for Routt County.

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Trump wins White House in astonishing victory

Nearing the end of his long, improbable journey to victory in the presidential race, Donald Trump, the candidate of so much tumult and bluster, waxed nostalgic about how he got there.

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Incumbent Democrat Tim Corrigan takes race for Routt County commissioner

With a little more than two-thirds of the vote tallied for Routt County Commissioner District 1, Tim Corrigan had a 1,000-vote lead over Bob Dapper, at 6,275 to 5,247, or 54.5 percent to 45.54 percent of the partial vote total.

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Long lines don't sway Steamboat Springs voters

Long lines greeted voters Tuesday in Steamboat Springs, but hundreds waited anyway. They were driven by many different causes and emotions.

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Voters approve tax on future rural pot grows by 27 percentage points

The Routt County Commissioners have said they haven’t made up their minds to move forward with land use regulations that would allow people to seek permits for pot grow operations, but want a mechanism in place to offset some of costs to government.

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State Rep. Mitsch Bush wins 3rd term in House District 26

With all but 450 ballots counted, Diane Mitsch Bush was winning 62 percent of the vote in Routt County against Republican challenger Michael Cacioppo.

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Kindergarten mill levy in Steamboat Springs narrowly approved

Steamboat Springs residents narrowly showed their support on Election Day for providing free, full-day kindergarten in 2017 and beyond.

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Hayden rejects tax increases, except for buses

Hayden residents have made it clear that they do not want their taxes raised, but they do support buying new buses for the school district. Four residents were also vying for three town council seats Tuesday night.

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South Routt votes 'yes' to protect future of medical center

South Routt voters turned out Tuesday with healthy support for a near-doubling of the mill levy override supporting the South Routt Medical Center in Oak Creek.

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Baumgardner unofficially wins over Tracy in Colorado Senate District 8 race rematch

Colorado Sen. Randy Baumgardner won the race for Colorado State Senate District 8 defeating Emily Tracy by about 10 percent of the votes, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

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LIVE updates from Election Day 2016

Your best source for 2016 Election Night results; join the conversation by using #TheBoatVotes.

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116 years of Routt County election front pages

The manner in which Routt County newspapers have covered presidential elections have changed radically through the years. Check out our photo gallery featuring front pages loaded with everything from the emotionally charged headlines of 1900 to the historic elections of 2008 and 2012.

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From the editor: Join the conversation

If you want more interaction with your fellow voters, the Steamboat Pilot & Today is offering a new way to join the Election Day 2016 conversation.

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Routt County vote lags pace of 2008, 2012 elections

Voters delaying until final day

At the end of the day on Monday, Nov. 7, Routt County Clerk Kim Bonner reported that 10,283 of the 16,961 ballots mailed to active voters had been returned and accepted.

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Steamboat's first-time voters overwhelmed with election

Some of Steamboat Springs' young voters were feeling overwhelmed on the eve of Election Day but knew the importance of casting their first vote in a presidential election.

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Bipartisan judges handle 2016 ballots under strict procedures

Returned ballots are processed, but not yet counted, by bipartisan election judges in secure rooms under video surveillance.

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Find mail-in ballot drop-off locations in Routt County on this interactive map

Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Oak Creek, Yampa and all Routt County residents can drop off mail-in 2016 election ballots at the drop-off locations.

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Our view: Health care facility deserves support

"We encourage South Routt voters to support their local health care facility and vote “yes” on Referendum 5A." — Editorial Board

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Ken Rogers: Save our clinic

"Currently, the clinic is operating at a net loss and will be facing dramatic cutbacks unless the additional funding is approved."— Ken Rogers

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Paul Hebert: The human toll

"Noticeably absent from their editorial, however, was any mention of the awful human costs of our current mess." — Paul Hebert

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Laura Case: Individual vs. collective

"If health care was treated like car insurance, cell phones and other products, capitalism would work." — Laura Case

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Kristopher Hammond: Full-day K is no brainer

"If the trajectory of a child’s life can be improved by just one or two degrees at age 5, imagine the difference that angle will make in 20 years." — Kris Hammond

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Mayling Simpson: A fact check on Amendment 69

"Let’s not miss this opportunity to improve health care for all Coloradans. Vote “yes” for Amendment 69." — Mayling Simpson

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Opponents critical of kindergarten mill levy proposal

Some vocal opponents have emerged to question the math of the Steamboat Springs School District’s proposed mill levy override to fund all-day kindergarten.

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Corrigan picks up fundraising pace; Dapper still outspends opponent 2-1

Corrigan picks up fundraising pace; Dapper still out-spending him two to one.

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Hollie Sutton: Vote 'yes' on 3D

"Remember that a "yes" vote on 3D means safety for our children and those who drive them." — Hollie Sutton

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Brodie Farquhar: Seeking to make positive difference for Hayden

An op-ed submitted by Brodie Farquhar, candidate for Hayden Town Council.

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Ashley McMurray: Championing 'smart growth' for Hayden

An op-ed submitted by Ashley McMurray, candidate for Hayden Town Council.

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Katherine George: Vote for full-day kindergarten

"As a parent of two primary school children who attended full-day kindergarten in Steamboat Springs and paid for it, I am voting “yes” on Referendum 3C." — Katherine George

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David Ihde: Government should stay out of health care

"The reasons for double-digit premium increases are the result of Obamacare, not shareholder dividends and CEO pay." — David Ihde

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Daniel H. Smilkstein: Medical center provides essential service to South Routt

"The additional revenue generated by the increased mill levy will essentially bring us back to parity and help cover operating and capital expenses." — Daniel H. Smilkstein 

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Ben Beall: What's the future of our public lands?

"There is one question that I don’t think has gotten enough exposure in this election and it is important for the future of Routt County. What is the future of our public lands?" — Ben Beall

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Al Rosenthal: Vote 'no' letter was false

"The letter “Vote ‘no’ on Amendment 69," which ran in the Oct. 24 issue of Steamboat Today, is a letter of fear and speculation disguised as certainty." — Al Rosenthal

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Our view: Amendment 69 — Too big, too risky

"The aim of Amendment 69 is a laudable goal but it’s how this huge statewide system would be executed that concerns us." — Editorial Board

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Money matters in Gail Schwartz-Scott Tipton battle for Congress

Gail Schwartz might have been a late entry in the race for the 3rd Congressional District, but it hasn’t stopped the Crested Butte Democrat from leading the latest round in campaign fundraising.

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Jim Sunderland: Better health care for all

"Colorado Care is focused on helping contain increasing medical care costs through prevention programs and removing financial obstacles to primary care and early treatment." — Jim Sunderland

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Routt County Clerk Kim Bonner: Vote early to ensure final vote tallies on election night

The Routt County Clerk's office sent out 16,435 ballots the week of Oct. 17 for the all-mail Nov. 8 election, and by the end of the day on Monday, 1,400 or 1,500 ballot were expected to have been returned.

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Tammie Mader: Vote 'yes' on Referendum 3D

"As a community, we owe it to our children to be transported to and from school, athletic events and field trips in the absolute safest vehicles." — Tammie Mader

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Kathy Dietrich: Vote 'no' on Amendment 69

"So, we will get to pay high taxes, not keep our doctor and will lose jobs." — Kathy Dietrich


Voter information:

Find the sample ballot for your precinct:

2016 Election Guide

2016 issues and candidates:

State ballot issues:

  • Amendment 70: Raising Colorado’s minimum wage
  • Amendment 69: Statewide health care system
  • Proposition 106: Access to medical aid in dying

Local ballot issues:

  • Referendum 1A: Routt County asks voters to pre-approve pot excise tax
  • Referendum 3C: Steamboat Springs School District tax increase for full-day kindergarten
  • Referendum 3D: Hayden School District seeks money for school buses
  • Referendum 2A. 2B, 2C: Town of Hayden asks to increase taxes
  • Referendum 5A: Mill levy increase sought for South Routt Medical Center
  • Referendum 5B: Tree Haus residents consider debt hike to improve roads


U.S. House of Representatives

  • Scott R. Tipton
  • Gail Schwartz
  • Gaylon Kent

U.S. Senate

  • Darryl Glenn
  • Michael Bennet

State Senator - District 8

  • Randy Baumgardner
  • Emily Tracy

State Representative - District 26

  • Diane Mitsch Bush
  • Michael Cacioppo

County Commissioner - District 1

  • Tim Corrigan
  • Bob Dapper