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Election Guide: Steamboat Springs School Board District 4 candidate Robin Crossan

Robin Crossan

Robin Crossan

Age: Forget it!

Immediate family: Husband, Barry; son, Grant

Occupation: Ambassador supervisor at Steamboat Ski Area in winter, Steamboat Golf Club Pro Shop in summer

Years in community: 10

Q. In what specific ways do you see yourself impacting your school district as a school board member?

A. Experience on the board the past four years, business sense, understand policy governance model, passion for all students to receive the best education possible

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Q. Why are you running?

A. The ABC's did a fantastic job the last four years, and much thanks and gratitude to Lisa Brown and Laura Anderson for their time and contribution to excellence in our schools. I feel I continue to have the energy and passion for continuing the process, supporting our staff, parents and community in educating our students and am able to continue to volunteer to do that.

Q. What is your background in education, and in what ways are you involved inyour community?

A. Education Fund Board Capital Commission and Education Fund Board member, vice president and president; four years school board president; member of the Young Life board; volunteer at Come, Let's Dance

Q. How would you look through your district’s budget as a school board member and make recommendations on whether a certain program or item should be eliminated or reduced if funding to your school district is cut again this year?

A. It is not an individual board member's responsibility to make a decision as you are asking for. Board members will approve/not approve the budget after the school's staff, community and District Accountability Committee make recommendations. We will have many conversations with our superintendent during the budget process with input on our ideas. All must support our results 1,2,3 policies.

Q. Do you support Proposition 103, which would raise the state's sales and income taxes to increase funding to Colorado public schools, or tax increases of any kind to fund public education? Why or why not? (If yes, what specific programs or budget items would you put increased revenue toward?)

A. Yes, it is good for all students.

Q. If elected, how would you measure the success of your board and your superintendent?

A. By monitoring reports, budget responsibility and community outreach

Q. Do you support the use of a secret ballot for any board decisions?

A. No

Q. How would you respond to scrutiny from members of the public who might disagree with the decisions you make as a board member?

A. No problem! Let's discuss it as a board with the group if it is warranted. If the decision follows policy the board would need to decide if they wanted to review the policy for future decisions.

Q. What is your connection to your school district, and how familiar are you with the functions and responsibilities of your school board?

A. Lived in Steamboat 10 years, student attended fourth to eighth grades, school board member four years, Education Fund Board member four years

Q. Do you have any prior experience on a public governing board?

A. No

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