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Election Guide: South Routt School Board District 4 candidate Jules Palyo

Jules Palyo

Jules Palyo

Age: 43

Immediate family: Wendy, Tristan, Ian and Morgan

Occupation: Owner of Flat Tops Ranch Supply

Years in community: 12

Q. In what specific ways do you see yourself impacting your school district as a school board member?

A. As a parent of three children in the district, I will have the viewpoint of how particular board and administration decisions affect students in the classroom. As a business owner, I bring knowledge of budgets and forecasting and a practical business sense.

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Q. Why are you running?

A. I feel the district has made great strides in becoming a district recognized as "Accredited with Distinction." I will add assets to make sure we reach this goal.

Q. What is your background in education, and in what ways are you involved in your community?

A. I have a bachelor's in business management. I have been active in various committees in the district, including elementary accountability committee, secondary accountability committee, and a representative for the Education Fund Board's Educational Excellence Commission. Through our business my wife and I have been a supporter of the Routt County 4-H program.

Q. How would you look through your district’s budget as a school board member and make recommendations on whether a certain program or item should be eliminated or reduced if funding to your school district is cut again this year?

A. The bottom line is how decisions affect learning in the classroom. I have been a strong supporter of a solid curriculum that is aligned K-12. It is the responsibility of each board member to ask, "How will this affect the individual student?" when making a decision on a certain program or other district-related decisions.

Q. Do you support Proposition 103, which would raise the state’s sales income and taxes to increase funding to Colorado public schools, or tax increases of any kind to fund public education? Why or why not? (If yes, what specific programs or budget items would you put increased revenue toward?)

A. As a business owner it is critical to the success and sustainability of a business to reinvest assets. As a society it is critical to the success and sustainability of our way of life to reinvest assets. In these hard times it is difficult to ask for an increase in funding, but it is necessary for a strong future. I do support Proposition 103 to reinvest in our children. I would support any programs or budget items that have a direct effect in the classroom.

Q. If elected, how would you measure the success of your board and your superintendent?

A. "Accredited with Distinction" is a great goal but it is not the final measuring stick. The success of the board should be based on what positive effect programs and decisions are having on the individual student. "Are we making the best possible progress with the resources available?"

Q. Do you support the use of a secret ballot for any board decisions?

A. I do feel there is a place for the use of a secret ballot on some board decisions.

Q. How would you respond to scrutiny from members of the public who might disagree with the decisions you make as a board member?

A. I would welcome any scrutiny from the public. Board members must remember who they represent, and criticism helps to keep things in prospective. It is important to be able to see both sides of an issue and input from the community is crucial.

Q. What is your connection to your school district, and how familiar are you with the functions and responsibilities of your school board?

A. My connection to the school district is through my three children. I am very familiar with the functions and responsibilities of the school board because of my time invested in the various committees.

Q. Do you have any prior experience on a public governing board?

A. No

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