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Hayden teachers focus on being mindful of stress

To create a better learning environment, Hayden Valley Elementary School teachers on Friday were learning how to cope with stress.

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Boulder scientist to talk about groundbreaking mission to Pluto

A NASA spacecraft that has traveled nearly 3 billion miles from earth over the last nine years has nearly reached Pluto, the smallest and furthest away of the original nine planets, and the one which people know the least about.

Education Fund Board Grant Commission awards $105,000 to community groups

The Steamboat Springs Education Fund Board Grant Commission tentatively awarded $105,000 to eight community groups Wednesday night.

NW BOCES executive director leaving organization

Northwest Colorado BOCES Executive Director and Special Education Coordinator Amy Bollinger will leave the organization after her current contract expires June 30.

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Fundraising underway for water station at Soroco High School

Water bottle-filling stations installed at South Routt Elementary and Soroco Middle School are proving popular with students, and the district is fundraising to install a third station at the high school.

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New peer mentoring programs in Hayden, South Routt designed to bridge gaps

Partners launches new programs in Hayden, South Routt

Partners in Routt County staff is implementing a new peer-mentor program at Hayden and South Routt designed to create leaders and bridge the gap between upperclassmen and younger students at both schools.

Routt school district lunch menus for week of Jan. 19

Routt school district lunch menus for week of Jan. 19

Perry-Mansfield Executive Director Joan Lazarus leaves role

Executive Director Joan Lazarus has left Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp to pursue new endeavors.

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Deb and Marina: Partners in Routt County mentor pair benefit from each other

Marina was only 8 when Deb Proper’s daughter began mentoring her through Partners in Routt County.

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George and Theo: Partners duo plays sports and have fun

George Detwiler and his junior partner Theo met years before they were ever matched up to as a mentor duo through Partners in Routt County.

Board chair urges School Board to consider CDE testing waiver

Union member questions board chair's recent lunch meeting

Steamboat Springs School Board Chair Roger Good urged the board Monday to work quickly when considering whether to apply for a state waiver that could allow the district to opt out of some standardized testing.

School Board hires pre-bond engineer for facility upgrades, new school

The Steamboat Springs School Board Monday approved the hiring of RLH Engineering to move forward with the district’s need for more facility space.

Steamboat Springs School Board expected to accept $50,000 in Education Fund Board grants

The Steamboat Springs School Board on Monday is expected to accept several innovation grants from the Education Fund Board that the group tentatively awarded during a recent meeting.

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Soda Creek math whizzes earn top state honors

At a higher level in math than most of their peers, fourth-grader Suzy Magill and fifth-grader Indi Krentzschmar are brought from a modular classroom to the main building of Soda Creek Elementary to get more advanced instruction every Thursday and Friday.