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Ed Miklus: Lacking representation

Ed Miklus

Ah yes, the New Year — ring out the old, ring in the new. I'm sure most of the residents of the city of Steamboat Springs realize that we have rung in the New Year with a new addition to our city sales tax: our Local Marketing District quarter-percent increase to help fund the air service program. I'm guessing, however, that a lesser-known fact to residents is that the only folks who can serve on the Local Marketing District Board are the residents of the Local Marketing District.

So let me see … everyone is taxed but not everyone can be represented on the Local Marketing District Board. Hmm … reminds me of a group of rowdy Bostonians back in 1773 who were all in a tizzy and started tossing sacks of tea into their harbor; seems they were shouting something about a guy named King George and taxes. I believe there also was a later Boston sermon with a minister preaching a revolutionary idea to his congregation: no taxation without representation. Kind of sounds like we're in the same boat, so to speak, doesn't it? And who was the other guy who said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"?

Cup of tea, anyone?

Ed Miklus

Steamboat Springs

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