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Dr. Henry R. Savage: MacNeill’s science is wrong

It would be a shame indeed if the recent seminar by Jim MacNeill and your article covering the seminar went unchallenged.

His message is alarmist in the first degree. He is politically correct and scientifically incorrect.

Media references to climate change these days convey two important thoughts that are wrong.

First CO2 is a very minor greenhouse gas, not the major one. Water is the major greenhouse gas by a very large margin.

Second, they convey the impression of unanimity among scientists on the subject. This is far from true.

Most reporters and activists base their message on reports by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which does wonderful work but has badly damaged credibility. This group committed the biggest scandal in science in modern times when the editorial board reversed the conclusions of the scientists who did the wor to conform to the politically correct notions on the subject.

The earth is warming as it has in the past, many times. The reasons are many as well. The most scientifically correlated reason is variation in the output energy of the sun.

Earth’s temperature record does not conform to the variation in CO2 levels as required to support the conclusions of MacNeill.

The real tragedy in climate change will result if we continue to be diverted from developing adaptation strategies. Control of climate change is not possible in all likelihood.

Even if CO2 is a major culprit, control strategies will not work because developing nations will have to increase energy usage dramatically. The indigenous source of energy in those parts of the world is coal, the most carbonaceous of hydrocarbons minerals. Therefore CO2 levels will increase markedly in the future regardless of agreements.

I hope we begin soon to work on ways to mitigate against the effects of global warming if it persists. It could be a horror story for many people. There are many good things to come of it as well. Aren’t we working on the wrong things?

Dr. Henry R. Savage

Steamboat Springs