Downtown shops consolidate |

Downtown shops consolidate

The former Bottleneck building downtown will be the new home for businesses that cater to children and moms.

Laura Bischoff, owner of Lola’s Closet, Steamboat Kids and Bliss Maternity and Baby Couture, is moving her stores into the first floor of the building at 734 Lincoln Ave.

Bischoff said the site is a better location for her businesses.

Lola’s Closet, a high-end, second-hand clothing store is moving from its location at Fifth Street and Lincoln Avenue. Bliss, a maternity store managed by Kathy Bohlen, and Steamboat Kids are moving from their locations in Old Town Square.

Bischoff said she is subleasing the Bliss space to Token Threads owner Chrissie Felt, who has decided to move her store from the second floor of The Bottleneck building.

By moving Steamboat Kids, Bischoff said the new location should be more accessible to moms because they will not have to navigate stairs with strollers. There also is more room.

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Even though Bischoff’s stores are moving into the same building, each store will keep its own identity. Jackie Andrews will continue to be the general manager for the stores.

She said the stores should be open in their new locations by Thanksgiving.

“I have a guy that I’m flying in who is a graffiti artist, and he is going to do up this wall in the ‘tween section,” Bischoff said. “I think it will be great.”

On Halloween, Bischoff said she and her employees will give away coupons from the new location.

Bischoff said the move is costing only slightly more in rent.

“I think we’ll make that up in selling toy cars,” Bischoff said.