Doug Fisher: Get the facts |

Doug Fisher: Get the facts

I am contacting you in regards to your "Marijuana centers should be banned" editorial in Wednesday's paper. It sickens me to read what you believe to be facts about the industry. If you really want to focus on a problem in this community, you should look no further than your own paper, where the police report lists numerous alcohol-related offenses every day. It's one thing to have an opinion, but it is a dirty, rotten sham to call your opinion fact. I am disappointed in the paper for letting this article print and believe the journalism is no longer legitimate and sold to the highest bidder. Today, I weep not for you, I or the industry you try to corrupt but rather I weep for the American citizens who really do benefit from the use of a natural herb but have to deal with the naysayers who say they don't benefit. Who are you to say that 6 percent of Routt County does not benefit? I know a licensed doctor did. I just ask that you do some homework before you slander an entire industry you obviously don't understand or care about. Truth of the mater is that there are people who prefer a natural herb to a man-made chemical compound, and they should have the right to use what works without someone bashing them for doing so. I hope you will take some of this to thought. Thanks for your time.

Doug Fisher

Steamboat Springs

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