Donna Triptow: Supportive community |

Donna Triptow: Supportive community

I would like to share with the Steamboat Springs community my experience in the recent 10th annual triathlon based at Lake Catamount on Sunday. This was my first sprint tri, a shorter version of the Olympic triathlon that was running simultaneously.

Everyone I came in contact with during my 10 days in Steamboat before the race was completely supportive, professional and encouraging. The bike staff at Ski Haus helped me select the perfect bike. Lake Catamount personnel worked with the excellent trainers from Old Town Hot Springs to permit access to the lake for training. Volunteers in kayaks, on bikes, at crossroads and the finish line were sincerely invested in the competitors' success, even kayaking behind me as I struggled through the swim course. Most of all, my fellow competitors were friendly and supportive, answering questions and giving advice.

To some extent, it must be an inconvenience to have traffic slowed or stopped for bikers and runners who come from Colorado and elsewhere to compete. Yet, Steamboat Springs presented itself in a wonderful light as a community full of natural beauty and friendly people, a place where anyone would want to visit or settle.

As a far-from-elite athlete who began the race full of trepidation, I extend thanks and appreciation to everyone who made the experience so memorable for me. Well done!


Donna Triptow

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