Donna Dunkelberger: Wildlife not to blame |

Donna Dunkelberger: Wildlife not to blame

Our life in Steamboat is enhanced by the beautiful wildlife around us. The balance of our ecosystem is dependent on all species living among one another. Humans are encroaching on the habitat of all other species at an overwhelming rate, which is threatening life on earth.

If a human lets a predator loose in a moose's natural habitat, and the moose defends itself, should it be the policy of humans (or wildlife officials) to euthanize the animal that was only minding its own business? Or, should the humans follow the rules of the natural environment and coexist through managing the human-caused problems and dangers to the other species.

Perhaps humans need to think about their loose dogs, their open trash and their polluting behaviors of all kinds before blaming the other species.

Donna Dunkelberger

Steamboat Springs

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