DJ and Hank Edwards: Keep open space open |

DJ and Hank Edwards: Keep open space open

To the members of the City Council:

I read with interest the April 17 issue of the Steamboat Today's story on the Parks and Recreation Commission's search for new committee members and their respective views of exploring new ways of funding for the city's vast portfolio of recreational amenities.

There was a question raised as to whether the commission should "dive back into master plans for Rita Valentine Park." A candidate that later was appointed to the commission stated that the greatest challenge for the city would be the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of existing infrastructure of its amenities.

I would like to bring to the City Council's attention that the real title of the commission is Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services Department. Quite often the Open Space is omitted in its title. Right now, Rita Valentine Park is considered undeveloped open space. Open space is very cost efficient as it does not need much funding, maintenance or services.

Each time there is a poll or vote of city and county residents, the vote is for more open space.

Please remember that the Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services Department should be the stewards of open space, too, and should strive to keep their existing parks well maintained and fight to keep their existing open space open!

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Now is the time to listen to the majority of your citizens and dedicate Rita Valentine Park as open space in perpetuity.

With respect,

DJ and Hank Edwards

Steamboat Springs

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