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Autumn Phillips

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Director looks at ‘Boat for TV show

NBC casting producer Josh Figgs calls Steamboat Springs a dream come true for television. The network has been searching for a small town as a backdrop for a new Friday night primetime show called “Three Wishes.”

Steamboat is among a few other towns in Colorado being considered.

The network is looking for a town with a strong main street feel, Figgs said. “We want an aesthetically pleasing town.”

“Three Wishes” is based on a philanthropic premise wherein NBC grants two individual wishes and one community wish during the season. The 10-episode show will be hosted by singer Amy Grant.

To decide which town will be used as the setting for the show, NBC is looking for wishes.

“We’re looking for deserving individuals in small-town communities who are facing hardship or who have been through something catastrophic,” Figgs said. “We’re looking for someone who deserves to have some good come into their lives.”

The show will be filmed during the summer and will air in September at 8 p.m. on Friday nights. The show is being produced by Andrew Glassman, whose most recent project was “Average Joe.”

“This is one of NBC’s huge new shows,” Figgs said. “Steamboat is a great location for a TV shoot. It’s picturesque and still has its own feel and look.”

For the pilot program, NBC granted wishes to the small town of Sonora, Calif. A little girl in the town had been a gymnast before a car accident disfigured her face. She lost a portion of her skull in the accident and had to wear a helmet.

Her wish was to play sports again.

“You can imagine the medical bills for this kind of thing,” Figgs said. “Her parents were working two jobs, and they still weren’t able to pay the bills.”

NBC paid for a surgery to reconstruct her face and for a surgery on her skull.

“It was an emotional story,” Figgs said. “When the accident happened, her dad was driving, and her mom was working in the 911 dispatch office. She took the call.”

NBC not only took care of the girl’s medical bills, but they also built a swimming pool and rehabilitation center near her house.

“We turned these people’s lives around,” Figgs said.

For the surrounding Sonora community, NBC granted its wish for a new, synthetic surface football field.

NBC is looking for wish submissions from Steamboat residents. Each proposal should include background information. Money is no object.

Because the wishes will be granted on television, there should be a visual aspect, Figgs said. Pictures and contact information should be submitted with the wish.

Wishes should be made as soon as possible, Figgs said. “If we get that one solid wish that can drive the entire episode, we will come to meet the town and set up a wishing tent.”

Wishes can be made by calling (818) 566-7819, e-mailing or mailing a proposal to Casting, June Road Productions, 212 Evergreen Street, Burbank, CA 91505.

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