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DeVincentis will not seek re-election, Connelly will

2 Steamboat Springs School Board seats up for grabs in November

Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis, who has represented District 1 since 2005, won't seek re-election, he said this week. However, board member Denise Connelly, also elected that year, said she plans to run again for her District 3 seat.

School Board delays adoption of gift-acceptance policy

Steamboat Springs School Board members couldn't agree on the definition of accountability at Monday's meeting, in a debate that delayed adoption of the school district's gift acceptance policy.

School Board formally settles newspaper lawsuit

District to pay $50K for Pilot & Today's attorneys fees

The Steamboat Springs School Board formally accepted a lawsuit settlement offer from the Pilot & Today on Monday. As a result of the ruling and settlement offer, the district will pay $50,000 of the newspaper's attorney fees and release the transcripts from the illegal meeting.

Parents encouraged to address class size issue

The Steamboat Springs School Board will focus its meeting tonight on an issue that historically brings out the passion in parents. The public is encouraged to attend.

School district to share cost of resource officer

DeVincentis wants proof the position is worth the money

John DeVincentis says he doesn't like to vote for things just because they "feel good." In the example of district funding for a high school resource officer, DeVincentis wants proof the position works.

District to track funds

DeVincentis: School Board, not Fund Board, accountable for expenditures

It's the Steamboat Springs School District, not the Education Fund Board, that should be accountable for the effectiveness of programs funded by the city's half-cent sales tax for education, School Board member John DeVincentis said Tuesday.

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DeVincentis airs concerns

School Board member questions district's accountability in spending of half-cent sales tax revenue

Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis voted in favor of a resolution Monday supporting the renewal of the city's half-cent sales tax for education, but he questioned whether the district is appropriately accountable for the money it spends from the Education Fund Board.

Board to review conduct

School official DeVincentis may have violated policies at Monday meeting

In the wake of Monday's contentious Steamboat Springs School Board meeting, questions remain about the ethical behavior of board members and how that behavior could impact the school district.

District, School Board eager to put controversy in the past

With a recall effort apparently finished and an internal investigation complete, the Steamboat Springs School Board and district officials say they are eager to return their full attention to the business of education.

School Board updates e-mail transcripts

The Steamboat Springs School Board has revised its e-mail investigation interview transcripts.

DeVincentis recall effort falls short

An attempt to recall Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis fell 154 signatures short.

Howell's future uncertain

'Frank and damaging' discussion pushes Howell into executive session

Superintendent Donna Howell's job appeared to be in jeopardy Wednesday night after the president of the Steamboat Springs School Board declined to commit to Howell's future employment with the district.

Howell, School Board to meet

Superintendent had no specific reason for searching e-mails

Superintendent Donna Howell is scheduled to meet with the Steamboat Springs School Board tonight for her performance evaluation. The evaluation comes two days after the board released transcripts of interviews conducted with Howell and other district employees about how controversial e-mails were obtained from the school computer of John DeVincentis.

School District releases investigation transcripts

The Steamboat Springs School Board on Monday released transcripts of the interviews conducted in the investigation into controversial e-mails by former board member John DeVincentis.

Our view: Investigation proper, but DeVincentis still should go

The Steamboat Springs School Board was right to investigate how e-mails sent by John DeVincentis in 2004-05 were made public.

E. Ray Koch: Editor misuses pen

I have kept quiet throughout this whole sensationalized and rather personal attack on John DeVincentis that I believe Scott Stanford, editor of the Steamboat Pilot & Today, has spearheaded.

Gleason, Stephenson mum on e-mail investigation

'No comment' from former School Board members named in report

Former Steamboat Springs School Board members did not cooperate with a school district investigation into the release of controversial e-mails, and they aren't talking now that the investigation is complete.

School Board report on DeVincentis e-mail investigation

Steamboat Springs Board of Education's report following the publication of non-public e-mails

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School Board releases e-mail investigation report

John DeVincentis violated school policies by sending and receiving personal e-mails on his school computer in 2004 and 2005, and Pat Gleason violated school policies by publicly releasing those e-mails, an attorney who investigated the e-mails has concluded. The Steamboat Springs School Board on Tuesday released a five-page report on its internal investigation into the DeVincentis e-mails. Grand Junction attorney Earl Rhodes conducted the investigation.

Dr. D recall petitions filed

Group submits 2,307 signatures to force DeVincentis on ballot

The potential recall of Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis moved a step closer Monday to being on the November ballot.

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Recall effort moves forward

The group working on a recall of Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis says it has about 2,300 signatures, nearly 400 more than needed to put the recall on November's ballot.

Our View: DeVincentis recall is necessary

Requiring John DeVincentis to stand for election in November is a minimum consequence of his conduct, not only in 2-year-old e-mails he sent using his school computer but also during his 20 months on the School Board. We previously asked DeVincentis to resign. Absent his resignation, we endorse the effort to recall him and urge residents to sign the recall petition.

Opposing View: Newspaper unfair, biased

Editor's Note: The following commentary was written and submitted by supporters of John DeVincentis who met with the Pilot & Today Editorial Board to discuss the recall of DeVincentis. We understand the Pilot & Today Editorial Board is considering writing an editorial in support of the recall of John Devincentis. We think that would be incredibly unwise on the part of the newspaper.

Stephen Caragol: Protect the process

If you are considering signing the recall for John DeVincentis, please do not do it. Why: Because we need to protect some level of a decent political process in our School Board and our town in general.

Mary Darcy and Eric Gautreaux: Say no to recall

We're sure plenty of people in town are sick of the whole subject of the Devincentis e-mails and the attempted recall of this school board member. But since the Pilot & Today offered a one-time chance to print letters on both sides of the issue, we'd like to point out a few facts that not everyone may know.

Mike Forney: Recall necessary

"Don't shoot the messenger" admonished Shakespeare in "Henry IV." Perhaps those on our School Board and other supporters of John DeVincentis should reflect on the Bard's words. The fact remains that the DeVincentis e-mails and his actions as a School Board member have demonstrated a shocking lack of honesty and integrity, and a vindictive character and behavior that violates the trust given him by those (like myself) who chose him to represent us on the RE2 Board of Education.

Tami Havener: Acts not surprising

That John DeVincentis would lie (to another school board) and send vitriolic e-mails (those published by this newspaper) over a two-year period, while shocking, were not surprising to my husband or me. It was just public evidence of what we've known for quite some time.

Brian T. Kelly: This is a pattern

Much has been written and discussed lately regarding John DeVincentis' tumultuous tenure on the School Board. In the past few days, a group of his supporters have emerged with radio and newspaper ads saying the backers of a recall petition are running a smear campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lynette Lochausen: Simms was bully

I am not a personal friend of Dr. John Devincentis, but I can no longer be quiet while the group calling itself "Save Our Schools" does everything in its power to discredit him. I worked as a high school counselor in Steamboat Springs from 1986 to 2001, time that afforded me a chance to closely observe some of the motivation for the anger and bitterness in the private e-mail conversations that are behind the current recall effort.

Jan van Straaten, Bette Van Dahl, Mike Johnson, Kelly Wilson, Scott Crouch, Sandi Crouch, Tania Coffey: New versus old

A lot was said recently about the Steamboat Springs School Board and member John DeVincentis, which created a flurry of press in the Steamboat Pilot & Today newspaper. Uninvolved, unaware readers who followed the story were given eyebrow-raising excerpts from a private e-mail secretly leaked by an individual later revealed to be a disgruntled board member who resigned in order to be able to betray the public trust anonymously as an ordinary citizen.

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DeVincentis recall effort stirs emotions

In August 1984, Steamboat Springs citizens voted 336-308 to recall then-School Board President Al Miller, largely due to Miller's attempt to fire legendary wrestling coach Carl Ramunno. That same month, John DeVincentis began his 21-year career as principal of Strawberry Park Elementary School in Steamboat. The city has not seen a recall election for a School Board member since.

Group claims 600 signatures

School Board says e-mail investigation still 'ongoing'

A group seeking to recall Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis has gathered about one-quarter of the 2,300 petition signatures it aims to collect.

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Meeting kicks off recall effort

Save Our Schools group hopes to gather 2,300 signatures

A group hoping to lead a successful recall of Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis began collecting petition signatures Thursday night after a meeting at Olympian Hall.

Recall petition to begin circulating

A group calling itself "Save Our Schools RE-2" will begin circulating petitions to recall Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis after an informational meeting Thursday night.

Ex-board members stay silent

Investigation into obtained DeVincentis e-mails continues

Former Steamboat Springs School Board members are wanted for questioning, but it is unlikely they will cooperate with an ongoing School Board investigation.

Group begins recall process

Committee submits petition to recall John DeVincentis

A committee calling itself "Save Our Schools RE-2" submitted petition language Tuesday seeking to recall John DeVincentis from the Steamboat Springs School Board.

School Board to continue e-mail investigation

Board president wants to make sure no confidential information policies were violated

The Steamboat Springs School Board will continue its investigation into how e-mails sent by John DeVincentis in 2004-05 were obtained and given to the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

David Wilson: E-mails and the rule of law

As a Colorado attorney since 1986, I remain concerned how and why the DeVincentis e-mails were obtained. Regardless of their content, their disclosure presents serious questions under the law that are getting lost in the discussion over the Board's future.

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Gleason: I'm the source

Former School Board member gave e-mails to newspaper

Former School Board member Pat Gleason said Wednesday he is the source of e-mails anonymously dropped off at the Pilot & Today. The series of e-mails were written between School Board member John DeVincentis and a teacher in Mercer Island, Wash., between August 2004 and May 2005, while DeVincentis was in his final year as principal at Strawberry Park Elementary School. The e-mails were highly critical of Cyndy Simms, a former Steamboat superintendent and the current superintendent in Mercer Island.

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DeVincentis: I am not that person

School Board member says he is not same as three years ago

The easy thing would have been to resign. Instead, embattled Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis stood his ground, apologized for a series of harsh e-mails he sent about a former school district administrator three years ago and said he is willing to talk "face to face" with any community member interested in hearing the "real deal."

DeVincentis recall proceeds

Petition language must be approved before circulation

A group of Steamboat residents announced Monday it will proceed with plans to try to recall Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis.

Millie Beall: Leader of dissent

Here I sit, in Lhasa, Tibet, and all I can think about are the years I served the Steamboat Springs School District from 1992 to 2000, with four of those years as president of the board.

Group plans Dr. D recall

A coalition of former Steamboat Springs School Board members and John DeVincentis former supporters is weighing an effort to recall DeVincentis from the School Board.

Mary and Jim Darcy: Newspaper biased

As parents of children at Strawberry Park, we have watched with amazement the level of venom directed toward John DeVincentis. For twenty-some years he has been a smart, funny, excellent principal, admired and loved by many. And now we see shock and awe at e-mails from two years ago that don't come close to what the two of us said to each other during the last presidential election.

Paul Fisher: Who's the real Dr. D?

Dr. D was a brilliant educator. He instituted an educational process at Strawberry Park that started with clearly identified goals for educating students. Dr. D tested all students every year to assess progress that each of them made toward those goals. He critically assessed curriculum to assure that it appropriately led to desired results. Dr D integrated ethics and values education in everyday teaching. Dr D initiated performance awards in the District. He would reward outstanding efforts by staff with awards with financial value. Dr D also regularly surveyed staff and parents to gather information about direction for the school. He established an ongoing line of communication with parents and staff that was unsurpassed in the District. The bottom line was that Strawberry Park students were well educated and the school won awards for it.

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'We're moving forward'

DeVincentis to address community concerns about e-mails next week

Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis will not resign, but he will hold three sessions next week to take input from residents about e-mails he sent during his final year as principal at Strawberry Park Elementary School.

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Video: DeVincentis speaks out

The Steamboat Springs School Board held its first meeting today since angry e-mails sent by John DeVincentis became public.

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School Board meets today

Board holds first meeting since release of DeVincentis e-mails

The Steamboat Springs School Board will hold its first meeting today since angry e-mails sent by John DeVincentis became public.

E-mail investigation ordered

Connelly: Board wants to determine if policies were violated

Steamboat Springs School Board President Denise Connelly said the board will order an investigation into how the Steamboat Pilot & Today got copies of e-mails sent by board member John DeVincentis when he was principal at Strawberry Park Elementary.

DeVincentis issues apology for e-mails

Steamboat Springs School Board member says he will not resign from his seat

Steamboat Springs School Board Member John DeVincentis apologized Saturday morning for a series of e-mails he sent in 2004 and 2005.