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Destination divas

From the fashion runway to the airport runway

Allison Plean

When snow keeps falling and you need a break from winter, head out to someplace warm like Mexico, get your club outfits ready for Las Vegas or plan a sightseeing excursion in Europe. From the fashion runway right onto the airport runway, Steamboat stores get you ready.

Destination: Mexico

Pictured here is the Rillos family. They are the portrait of functional style that translates from the beach to the cantina.

Kipp is wearing Quiksilver’s new QuiksilverEdition line that was created for the man with the corporate job who still loves that laid-back feeling. This page: Blue collar printed shirt ($45), dark brown woven pants ($52) and flip flops that complete any look south of the border. Opposite page: Dark brown fleece Santa Cruz hoodie ($89.50), Loco woven short-sleeve shirt ($45) and Pelican woven pants ($52).

Kari is using this season’s metallic accented sandals to dress up her ROXY outfit with a romantic and whimsical skirt for those warm nights under Mexico’s starry skies. This page: Purple tank top ($29.50), cream Buffalo dance skirt ($48) and Echo beach sandals ($70). Opposite page: Winter chills have no hold over the versatility of ROXY’s twill-Dakota capri pants that will serve Kari from the time she boards her flight to when she pulls out her surf board ($48). She tops the look off with a fashionable black and silver T-shirt ($34) and a protective black hoodie ($58) for when the cool beach breeze reminds her she’s not in Steamboat Springs anymore.

Griffin (2 years old) wears an outfit from the French company Catimini. Orange long-sleeve shirt ($35), brown jacket ($84) and Wild Mango denim pants ($42).

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Isabelle (6 years old) wears a skirt and tiny flower patched tee from Mimi & Maggie’s clothing line for spirited girls. The clothing is inspired by the individuality of children and their art. The company honors their free spirits, joy of discovery and happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Mimi & Maggie tee ($39) and village patchwork skirt ($64).

Piper (9 years old) has a carefree character that comes through in her eyes and her Sweetheart Jane jeans ($46), opposite page. It pairs nicely with her Haven Girl three-quarters bolero shirt set ($45). This page: Fuzzy Wuzzy baby blues shirt ($46) and Tractor pearls denim skirt ($46).

(Adults’ clothing available at Quiksilver. Children’s clothing available at Steamboat Kids.)

Destination: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect winter getaway for cabin fever-stricken Steamboat young adults who need more of a diverse scene then aprÃs skiing can offer. Token Threads dresses Jake LaPlant and owner Chrissie Felt for the acquired secrets and unpredictable mecca of the desert. Each article of clothing is available at Token Threads for less than $30 – so you can save the rest of your money for gambling and cocktails.

Destination: Europe

Traveling to Europe in the winter is more than a vacation – it’s an expedition. The secret is to pack light and think practical, but if you want to keep up with European style, you have to think like a European. Europeans spend a lot of money on a few outfits/uniforms and appreciate quality more than quantity. Since you won’t see the same person twice as you jet set from city to country, you can get mileage out of your wardrobe. Alice and Randy Klauzer want to look stylish but feel comfortable as they make the long trip from Yampa Valley Regional Airport to the cultural journey that awaits them overseas.

Alice wears versatile fashions from Chez Nous. Her Carla Mancini leather purse ($420) stylishly carries her passport, traveler’s checks and camera for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Her Skea coat ($439) will keep her warm and nicely complements her casual chocolate top ($58) and brown three-button pants ($123).

Randy Klauzer travels in the relaxed style of Tommy Bahama from Allen’s Clothing. The company’s philosophy revolves around a laid-back state of mind, and their clothing is fashioned with relaxation. Randy is wearing a Tommy Bahama black mock turtleneck ($85) and reversible half zip sweater ($89). The look is topped off with a Columbia black titanium omni tech jacket ($149.99). The jacket is perfect for traveling across Europe because it is warm, waterproof and breathable.

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