Dennis and Jeanne Ducommun: Shame on Jay Fetcher |

Dennis and Jeanne Ducommun: Shame on Jay Fetcher

We are citizens of Grand County and no longer are represented by your state senator, Jack Taylor.

Jack’s opponent states that he will protect West Slope water, when in fact he voted to take the headwaters of the Colorado River (Grand County) out of the protection of the West Slope State Senate District 8 and put Grand County into the East Slope State Senate District.

Shame on you Jay Fetcher. You were on the State of Colorado’s Reapportionment Committee and yours was the swing vote which allowed this to happen. You say that someone needed to be sacrificed, so you sacrificed Grand County. Is this the way you will protect the other counties you would represent?

For integrity and common sense, please elect and keep your great state Sen. Jack Taylor.

We miss Jack.

Dennis and Jeanne Ducommun

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