Day of Caring connects people, community |
Gina Iacovetto

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Day of Caring connects people, community

— Steamboat Springs is cleaner and happier, thanks to United Way’s annual Day of Caring, which took place from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday.

Every year, dozens of volunteers meet in Steamboat to clean up areas across town and, more importantly, interact with people and kids.

The Day of Caring is an opportunity for Routt County residents of all ages to volunteer to do special projects to help those in need. On Wednesday, volunteers were spread across town, cleaning and fixing up places including the Tread of the Pioneers Museum, Yampa River Botanic Park and several child-care facilities across town.

Many volunteers worked as teams to clean up the botanic park. The United Way volunteers weeded around the flowers and trees and put down fresh soil for the delicate plants. They also picked up garbage on the grounds and pruned some of the plants.

Other volunteers worked a different path. They went to day-care centers and helped with the children, offering to read books and help with classroom activities. They made friends with the children and got to know them better. They also cleaned up the centers to give the children positive environments to play in.

The Tread of the Pioneers Museum was closed so that United Way volunteers could clean the museum and ready it for the summer rush of visitors. Inside the building, volunteers worked hard vacuuming floors, dusting the displays and washing windows.

Outside the building, the lawn was mowed and the flower beds were weeded.

Windows were scrubbed spotless and the front porch was swept and cleared of dust and dirt. Volunteers said they hope that the clean museum will make a lasting impression on the visitors.